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    Buckle Up: Seat belt saves choking driver

    Steven John Earp of Eugene, Oregon could never have imagined that the breakfast sandwich he was eating behind the wheel as he drove to work last week was almost his last meal, period. How so? Well, during the course of his meal on wheels, Mr. Earp began choking on his sandwich, and the situation ...

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    Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS recalled

    According to What Car?, Porsche isn't immune to the recall woes that normally plague much larger automakers. The article states that 43 911 GT3s and their harder-core RS siblings are suffering from faulty seatbelts. The optional six-point belt's unlocking mechanism apparently won't come loose, ...

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    Billboard warns of not buckling up in the back seat

    Here is quite a hard-hitting image to remind people to buckle up, even in the back seat. We should all know the benefits of seat belt usage by now, but some people still seem to think they might be immune in an accident, should they choose the rear seat rather than the front, for some reason. This ...

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    New seat belts resemble racing harnesses

    Regardless of the cocoon of air bags surrounding the occupants of today's vehicles, Dr. Priya Prasad, Ford Motor's Technical Fellow for Safety maintains that "the single most important piece of safety technology in a car or truck today remains the safety belt," and Ford engineers are actively ...

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    Heaven Can Wait... so wear your seatbelt

    And now it's time your friendly Autoblog PSA. Martijn over at Fresh Creation ran across this very convincing commercial on YouTube that espouses the life saving benefits of wearing one's seatbelt. Does anybody not wear a seatbelt nowadays? (As of 2001, 73 percent of people in the U.S. were ...

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    Video: Eight adolescents in a Nissan Sentra plunge 200' into an L.A. ravine, survive

    Eight kids out for a Mulholland drive are lucky to be alive today, after the Nissan Sentra they were traveling in rolled 250' down a cliff at 2:20am on Friday in Los Angeles, California. You read that correctly, eight teens-two of which had stuffed themselves in the trunk. As the story goes, ...

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    Ford's inflatable seat belt

    We reported on Ford’s inflatable seat belt concept a few days ago and the Blue Oval finally released a pic of the belt. The concept is designed specifically for second row passengers to further disperse the force of an impact over a wider contact area. Ford also has a version for the lap ...


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