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    Barcelona Preview: Seat reveals new Leon Cupra and Ibiza FR

    2009 Seat Ibiza FR and Cupra Leon - Click either image above for a hi-res gallery
    Variety, so they say, is the spice of life. So while American fans of Volkswagen's hot hatches have nothing to complain about, none could be blamed for pining for the alternative options that the German auto group ...

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    Geneva Preview: SEAT prepares facelifted Leon, Altea

    Click on the images to view the 2009 SEAT Leon (below right) and Altea (above) in high resolution
    For some time now, it has seemed like the badges on cars are getting bigger and bigger. SEAT has certainly played its part in this trend, but the automaker's S badge is getting downsized again on the ...

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    SEAT unveils new Twin Drive Leon prototype hybrid

    The SEAT Leon Ecomotive was a Leon that had been picked over and removed of many inefficiencies in order to deliver a frugal 3.7 liters/100 kilometers (63 miles-per-gallon) as well as lower CO2 emissions. The SEAT Twin Drive Leon Prototype takes that idea a giant leap further by making the car a ...

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    ˇAy Mamacita! SEAT Leon Linea R

    Click either image for hi-res gallery of the SEAT Leon Linea R Volkswagen makes some pretty enticing hot hatches, but as we discovered when driving the Leon Cupra, sister-brand SEAT is where it's at. The Spanish subsidiary's hot hatches typically offer more power for less money in a more exciting ...

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    SEAT reveals limited edition Leon Supercopa

    Click image to enlargeThe SEAT Leon Supercopa series that visits tracks in seven European countries is, according to SEAT, "the most powerful single-brand competition in Europe." In celebration of the series, Seat is making a special edition SEAT Leon Copa Edition that arguably looks even hotter ...

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    First Drive: SEAT Leon Cupra

    Click above for more high-res shots of the SEAT Leon Cupra Draw up a list of the top hot-hatches in the world. The SEAT Leon Cupra may not be on it – although it might be – but the Volkswagen GTI will most definitely. At least it should, because the GTI is a performance icon, forged ...

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    Hot Oil: SEAT offers limited-edition Leon FR550 TDI

    While it sister company Audi continues to forge ahead in Le Mans-class racing under diesel power, the SEAT division is likewise launching an assault on the British Touring Car Championship with an oil-burning Leon TDI. The Spanish automaker is also launching a special edition Leon for the road to ...

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    Ką for UK: SEAT Leon Cupra Ką

    Click image for a hi-res gallery of the SEAT Leon Cupra K¹Every so often, we wish that Volkswagen's SEAT brand was available here in the US. Sure, the Spanish automaker's vehicles are badge-engineering exercises that raid the corporate partsbin for powertrains, switchgear, and the like, but ...

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    Look Ma, no hands! SEAT develops world's first driverless touring car

    Click image to see high res gallery of this unbelievable car!The Seat Leon is a holy terror on the European touring car circuit, but bad luck and driver error can often mean less than perfect results. So the team has been hard at work creating a virtual interface for the vehicle to take the human ...

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    New SEAT Leon Cupra headed to British Motor Show

    On July 18 at the British International Motor Show, VW-owned Spanish automaker SEAT will unveil the new Leon Cupra for the very first time. The company's smartly-styled hatchbacks are always a visual treat, and this one should be no exception.For now, we have to settle for a teaser photo that gives ...

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    SEAT debuts Leon FR, announces pricing

    Autoblog Spanish has full coverage of the debut of SEAT's new competitor in the hot hatch wars, the Leon FR, courtesy of our man in Madrid, Alberto Ballestin. We're posting a few of his live shots here, the full set of pics is online here.According to What Car? Volkswagen's Spanish subsidiary is ...

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    SEAT debuts new Leon FR, intelligent lighting system

    Volkswagen subsidiary SEAT is showing off its latest and greatest at its hometown Madrid Motor Show this week. Highlighting the company's announcements is its new Leon FR model.The sporty hatchback is powered by either a new 200 hp 2-liter TFSI gasoline engine or SEAT's 170 hp 2-liter TDI diesel. ...


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