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seat belt law

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    ASSET speed camera can also check seat belt, insurance and call the police

    Big Brother just got a little bigger. We know that the US voters typically go against red-light and speed cameras, but what if the law enforcement systems were more high-tech? In certain parts of Europe speed cameras are a way of life. They're everywhere and the all-seeing lens that might send ...

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    Mazda seatbelt lawsuit headed to U.S. Supreme Court

    The U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on whether or not current federal regulations protect automakers from being sued under state product liability laws. According to The Wall Street Journal, justices will examine a California lawsuit that claims that Mazda should be held responsible for the ...

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    Pennsylvania to conduct seatbelt checks... from aircraft?

    Rule number one of the Internet should be to always read past the headline before hitting the keyboard to comment. A prime example comes from the latest press release from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The statement's headline implies that PA state troopers will be enforcing seatbelt use from ...

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    Report: Georgia finally mandates seatbelt usage among pickup truck drivers

    Now it's just New Hampshire. For decades, any effort in Georgia to require universal seatbelt use couldn't get passed – such matters would just get stuck in the throat of the House by extra-regulation-resistant rural lawmakers. The consistent rejection kept pickup truck driving adults from ...


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