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    The website for seller's remorse - Lost Car Registry

    If you've ever thought about a car you used to own and lamented with a shake of the head, "I never never should have sold it," there's a website that could help you out. It's not going to help someone like me since the whip I most want back (pictured above) was lost to a traffic incident. But if ...

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    VW busted for scamming Google search, gets off easy

    Both Volkswagen and Google have responded to criticism that the automaker's web pages were in violation of Google's quality guidelines. The uproar centers around hidden keywords in flash-based pages. Rather than include the keywords in the meta tag of the HTML page, which is where information about ...

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    Pardon our dust: Autoblog fixes its search function!

    We're a blessed website, for sure. Despite our flaws, you all keep coming back day after day to read us rambling on about cars and such. Believe us, we're as aware of our flaws as you are, and will be devoting our efforts in 2007 to fixing every single one of them. The addition of high-resolution ...


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