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    Nissan Maxima, Sentra receive 2011 prices, minor changes

    2011 Nissan Maxima – click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan has released pricing for its 2011 Maxima and Sentra sedans, complete with specification changes that are more along the lines of 'running changes' than they are actual product freshenings. No matter, the Maxima will start at ...

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    Video: The coolest R/C footage we've seen in a long time stars... a Nissan Sentra SE-R?

    Nissan Sentra SE-R writ small – Click above to see the video after the jump
    If you're like us, chances are you spend just as much time drooling over the latest automotive toys as you do the real deal. Nissan has embraced its inner child with a new spot for the 2010 Sentra SE-R, filming the ...

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    Expanding Infiniti: Three new models under development

    Shiro Nakamura, Nissan's global design chief, revealed that plans to expand the Infiniti lineup could include a small vehicle to slot in below the current G, a two-door high-powered flagship and some form of people mover that would fill the gap left by the EX and FX CUVs.Since the GT-R will find ...

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    Future Classic: 1991-94 Nissan Sentra SE-R

    Wants some desktop wallpaper images of the 91-94 Sentra SE-R? Click aboveNissan has a history of giving BMWs a run for their money. Back when they were going by Datsun, the 510 was a capable facsimile of a BMW 1600/2002, but cheaper. Performance cred attained, Nissan continued to pump out various ...

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    First Drive: Sentra SE-R Spec V

    Click the image above for our full gallery of desktop wallpaper-sized picsNissan determined that Miami would serve as the East Coast launching ground for the next addition to its SE-R legacy. Why Miami? We don't know either, but ignoring the hard bodies, mojitos and other stereotypes of this great ...

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    Nissan quietly drops new VQ in 350Z

    Click image to enlargeWhile everyone was lining up in orderly rows to watch the official unveiling of the Sentra SE-R and Altima coupe at Nissan's LA press conference, we snapped a few pics of a pre-production model of the 2007 350Z.Although the exterior has gotten a few subtle tweaks that only ...

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    LA Auto Show: Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V

    UPDATE: Sentra SE-R will be available in March of 2007The Nissan Sentra SE-R, and its Spec-V sibling, is entering a market rife with performance bargains. On the turbocharged side of the fence lays the GTI and MazdaSpeed3, while the coupe and sedan versions of Honda's Si covers the naturally ...

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    Nissan Sentra SE-R spotted ahead of L.A. show

    The scooper of cars procured a shot of what looks to be the Nissan Sentra SE-R ahead of it's unveiling at this week's Los Angeles Auto Show. Bathed in "look-at-me" yellow and donning NISMO-grade 17-inch rollers, the SE-R looks the biz for its segment.Power is expected to come from a 2.5-liter ...

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    Nissan to halt sales of some Altimas and Sentras due to oil consumption problem

    Nissan Motors has told dealers to stop selling some 2006 Altima and Sentra SE-R models due to a problem with excessive oil consumption. The affected vehicles, built during the first five months of this year, could eventually run low on oil which can result in catastrophic engine damage, or ...


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