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    Schumacher prepares in old F2007, stiff neck may stalls comeback [UPDATED]

    Michael Schumacher behind the wheel of the Ferrari F2007 at Mugello – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Michael Schumacher's hopes of testing the 2009 Scuderia Ferrari F60 may have been dashed, but that doesn't mean the seven-time world champion is resting on his proverbial laurels. In ...

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    Statement on Ferrari website lashes out against Toro Rosso "indiscretion"

    Sour grapes much? Both of Italy's Formula One teams had to switch drivers mid-season during the year: Scuderia Toro Rosso (because Sebastien Bourdais wasn't working out) and Scuderia Ferrari (due to Felipe Massa injury). However, due to the comprehensive ban on in-season testing, neither could ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Of Champions and Shadows at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix

    2009 Hungarian Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Jenson Button and his Brawn GP team cast a dominating shadow over the start of this year's Formula One World Championship, taking the checkered flag at six out of the seven races this season to take a commanding lead for the ...

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    REPORT: Kimi Räikkönen set to retire from F1 after 2009 season

    Rumors are heating up that Ferrari Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen will walk away from the grand prix circus at the end of the 2009 season. If the 2007 World Champion does quit, it would free up his seat for two-time champion Fernando Alonso. You'll recall that there's been talk of ...

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    Musical Chairs: Kimi contests WRC Finland, Rossi considers Ferrari, F1 could grow 3rd car

    Valentino Rossi tests a Ferrari F1 car – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Typically F1 drivers come up through the formula racing ladder. But for every rule there's an exception, and that exception seems to be creeping up for Ferrari, who are facing a potential change-up in drivers ...

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    Alain Prost's fated Ferrari 641/2 F1 car under the hammer at Maranello auction

    1990 Ferrari 641/2 Chassis #121 – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Think this year's F1 season has been exciting? Truth be told it's been a refreshing change-up from the domination of the giants. But if anything, that just makes us more nostalgic for the clash of the titans that ...

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    Ruh-Roh: Ferrari's new F1 car already in trouble

    Click above to view the new Scuderia Ferrari F60 in high resolution
    Scuderia Ferrari chose to unveil its new car for the 2009 F1 season before anyone else, so while other teams were assuredly tweaking their designs up until the last minute, Ferrari's was already out on the track. And now it seems ...

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    Pics and Video: Scuderia Ferrari F60 gets on track

    Click above to view the Scuderia Ferrari F60 in high resolution
    Formula One teams love a good challenge. As if it weren't difficult enough to dominate at the pinnacle of motorsports, for the 2009 season, each team will have to adapt to a host of new regulations, including the introduction of the ...

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    Honda F1 Roundup: Brawn, Schumacher and Ferrari

    F1 teams change hands all the time, but when a major manufacturer pulls out of the sport, it's bound to trigger a rumor mill of tsunamic proportions. And that's exactly what's been going on in the motorsport press following Honda's announcement to cancel its F1 program. First came rumors that ...

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    Scuderia Ferrari unveils the new F60

    Click above to view the new Scuderia Ferrari F60 in high resolution
    Most years it's more of the same. All the constructors in the FIA Formula One World Championship unveil their cars, and for the most part they look the incredibly similar to the ones they had last year. Big whoop. But every so ...

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    Scuderia Ferrari to bring back troubled pit-lane traffic lights system

    Sometimes the best approach is the simplest, but that kind of attitude doesn't always fly in the high-tech haven that is Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello. Traditionally, one pit crew member would stand beside a Formula One car in the pit lane box holding a small sign on a long shaft to signal ...

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    Ferrari kicks off young driver development program

    In the ever-increasingly competitive world of F1 racing, many teams have begun scouting for drivers earlier and earlier in their careers. In the past, smaller teams would scout the talent, and then the bigger teams would poach them with their vast resources. But in the wake of the immense success ...

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    F1: Ferrari holds on to its Finn -- Raikkonen extends to 2010

    Ferrari announced during the first practice day of this weekend's Monza GP that Kimi Raikkonen's contract has been extended by one year. This mean's he's locked into service with the scuderia until the end of 2010, which is the same time Felipe Massa's contract runs out. Terms of the extension ...

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    Montezemolo: Scuderia Ferrari not funded by Fiat

    Many of the biggest teams in Formula One extract enormous budgets from the automakers that own them: BMW, Renault, Toyota, Honda, even Mercedes-Benz, which is part owner of McLaren. Not Ferrari, though. The team, part of the Maranello-based sportscar maker, is owned by the Fiat auto group. ...

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    VIDEO: Felipe Massa shills for Shell, makes us chuckle

    Shell's PR people appear to have a handle on how best to exploit the company's relationship with Scuderia Ferrari. Whether it's the spine-tingling spot that depicts historic Ferrari grand prix cars running on the streets in famous locales, or the very amusing "What will Schumi do next?" series ...


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