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scott wade

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    Video: Scott Wade's dirty car art and how it's done

    The Art of Scott Wade – Click above to view image gallery
    If you were to research all of the posts ever published on Autoblog, you'd find that one of the most popular was one published back in June 2006 about artist Scott Wade from San Marcos, Texas. Wade is a painter who, unlike his ...

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    Autoblog's #4 Most-Read Post of the Year

    We continue with our countdown of the top five most-read posts of the year on Autoblog with our #4 post. Who can forget the post titled '"Wash Me" taken to a new level - the Dust Art of Scott Wade"? Published back on June 29th, this post has since been viewed 253,500 times. We've seen it linked to ...

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    "Wash Me" taken to a new level - the Dust Art of Scott Wade

    As a kid there was nothing like dragging your finger across the dirty back window of your mom's minivan. Imagine lifting your finger to find you've created a Mona Lisa on the rear glass. Scott Wade of San Marcos, TX is perhaps the only person who could say he's done this. Living on an unpaved road ...


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