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    Video: Geeky Tim Allen as Merkur pitchman

    Actor and comedian Tim Allen, the former Home Improvement star and the man behind Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear, has seen steady voiceover work of late as the pitchman for Chevrolet (and Campbell's Soup, and Michigan tourism). Now, all the recent activity has gotten Allen plenty of attention of ...

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    Video: Kia AU delivers The Message about new Sportage with Grandmaster Melle Mel and Scorpio

    Kia Sportage delivers 'The Message' – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    Whoever is pulling the strings over at Kia's global marketing operations must love them some old school hip hop. Kia kicked off the urban vibe with its brilliant Soul commercial. The spot featured the ...

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    Report: Mahindra looks to import Scorpio SUV by end of 2010

    Mahindra has had its fair share of issues and delays in bringing its TR20 and TR40 diesel-powered compact pickup trucks to market here in the United States, but it seems that experience hasn't turned the Indian automaker off from a planned launch of its Scorpio SUV in America by the end of this ...

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    RR of the Day: 1977 Lancia Scorpion

    Iconic Italian design comes in many forms and one of those is the Lancia Monte Carlo. Sold abroad from 1975 through 1979, the Monte Carlo was based off the X1/9, and came equipped with a mid-mounted, 1995cc engine that produced upwards of 120 HP. It was the elder statesman to its platform sibling, ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth

    Esoteric Merkurs are a dime-a-dozen on eBay, with XR4Ti and Scorpios popping up in varying states of tune on the online auction site with some regularity. But the car seen above appears to be something altogether different - a 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth. Utilizing the same chassis and sheetmetal ...


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