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    Video: Domino's Pizza Safe Sound scooter is the funniest thing on two wheels

    We've seen plenty of discussion on the merits of pedestrian warning systems for hybrid and all-electric vehicles. From synthesized engine sounds to the noise of George Jetson's flying car, automakers and the aftermarket industry have worked to come up with a way to keep people aware of a ...

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    Video: Honda scooter commercial employs Steve Jobs lookalike

    Like Elvis and Tupac before him, Apple icon Steve Jobs is showing up in all kinds of unexpected places after his passing. This latest sighting comes in a commercial for a Honda SCR 110 scooter that channels The Jobs himself. Up close, the male actor isn't a ringer, but the black turtleneck and ...

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    Video: 70-mph mobility scooter on ice is one hot little rascal

    You may be familiar with the name Colin Furze. The gentleman has made a name for himself by crafting some of the most impressive small-displacement two-wheelers around, and his four-wheel creation – a mobility scooter – lives up to the same level of insanity. Thanks to a 125cc engine ...

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    Video: Who knew scooter racing could be so much fun?

    Scooter... racing? We've got to be kidding, right? Only we're not. Because if it's got wheels – or often even if it doesn't – it can be raced. So while you might think of motor scooters as little more than an easy, cheap, quick and (if we're being completely honest here) downright fun ...

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    Official: Honda stuns world by showing off surprise new Integra

    Only it's not what you think. Acura won't be rolling out a new performance hatch anytime soon. Instead, Honda Motorcycles has pulled the sheets off of a new two-wheeled Integra model at this year's EICMA show. The vehicle is effectively an overgrown scooter with a 670 cc engine and an optional ...

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    Video: French man rides skatepark on motor scooter

    Scooters can be a great way to negotiate the hustle and bustle of urban traffic. That's seemingly one of the only things that the engine-powered machine has in common with its much more simple pedal-powered two-wheeled sibling, the bicycle. Unless you're name is Boulon, a scooter rider who hails ...

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    Video: How to successfully cross the road in Vietnam

    A Vietnamese crosswalk is a great place for motorized transportation, especially when it's of the two-wheeled variety. It's not, however, a great place for people. Still, the brave soul in the video posted after the jump understands how to tackle this dangerous obstacle course. Slowly, ...

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    Official: BMW Motorrad E-Scooter concept gets detailed [w/videos]

    The BMW Motorrad Concept Vehicle BMW E-Scooter is all-electric, but does its best to provide the range of a regular, internal-combustion-engine scooter. The point of this exercise was to create an electric mount that could take the place of a scooter commuter in terms of range, power and ...

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    Report: BMW Concept C scooter coming to America

    BMW Motorrad Concept C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You may remember the Concept C from last year. It was BMW Motorrad's vision of what a large motor scooter could look like, and now it's headed into production. Our friends at Hell for Leather report that a production ...

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    UK company markets caravan pulled by mobility scooter [w/video]

    Mobility scooter owners now have a new way to make sure they're first in line for the early-bird special or senior discount day with the QTVan, a mobility scooter-towed mini caravan. The trailer was designed by English company Environmental Transport Association as a convenient way to dodge ...

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    Yamaha unveils Power Beam damper to control motorcycle frame flex

    Yamaha has introduced a new product aimed at dampening frame flex in motorcycles and scooters. All two-wheeled machines experience varying levels of deflection under hard riding, and while excess flex can give the impression of an unsettled machine, too little can numb the bike's handing at the ...

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    BMW does the twist-and-go with Concept C scooter [w/video]

    BMW Motorrad Concept C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Say what you will about motor scooters, but twist-and-go is how an inordinate proportion of the world's population gets around town. Simply put, there is no simpler way of getting through crowded city streets, and let's face ...

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    Paris Preview: Mini's electric scooter comes into view *Update

    Mini Scooter E Concept – Click above for a high-res image
    Mini's given us an almost true-to-life view of its Scooter E Concept, and while there's a little too much going on up front, the overall design stands to look quite all right in person. There's some serious action going on around the ...

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    Video: Celebrating 60 years with the women of Vespa

    "Hello, would you like cake with your Vespa?"- Click above to watch the video after the jump
    When you hear the term biker babes, the images that fill your mind may include bleach blond hair and the scant use of finely crafted leather bikinis. So you probably haven't stopped to consider the ...

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    Who knew? Scooter-mounted flamethrowers apparently illegal in UK [w/video]

    Colin Furze and his flame-throwing scooter – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Public Service Announcement: Apparently, it is illegal to mount a reverse-pointing flame thrower on the back of a scooter in the United Kingdom. Who knew? Not our man Colin Furze of Lincolnshire, ...

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    Gas prices rise along with interest in motorcycles

    Click on the image for more high-res shots of the Night Rod SpecialAs you may have noticed, we've been featuring more two-wheeled content lately as interest in motorcycles and scooters has risen rather dramatically along with the increase in fuel prices. While we can appreciate the reduced cost of ...

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    Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition... this has got to stop

    We've covered all manner of Ferrari products that have little to nothing to do with the firm's actual road cars or even its championship-winning formula racing program. These include laptop computers, PDAs, stereo systems, cell phones... you name it. Those are just the electronics, and just a few ...

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    Watch your toes: T3 three-wheeled police scooter

    Nothing says "to serve and protect" like a cop riding piggyback on R2-D2. T3 Motion has developed a three-wheeled competitor to the Segway, which it's currently marketing to law-enforcement agencies and those crazy cops from California were first in line. The T3 made its debut in Boston on ...

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    What to do when high gas prices turn your Dream Cruise into a nightmare

    To some, the Woodward Dream Cruise is a heavenly celebration of America's love affair with the automobile. Just driving down Woodward these last few days has made people feel like the cars they're driving are a little bit cooler, the music they're cranking is a little bit better and the style ...

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    High gas prices lead a third of Americans to consider scooters

    Are you a scooterist? A new survey released Monday shows that roughly a third of Americans are thinking about it, with 30 percent of U.S. consumers saying they'd consider using a scooter. When consumers were asked if they'd be likely to use a scooter if they could save $25 a week on gas, 35 percent ...


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