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    VIDEO: Scion's interacitve advertisement causes passers-by to flail

    Click above to view video after jumpWhile the Scion tC Release Series 4.0 is little more than a body-kit and a paint job for a sporty two-door in need of a redesign, we imagine that a few more of them could move off the lots with cool advertising like you see in the video pasted after the break. ...

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    Chicago 2008: Scion tC Release 4.0 in the flesh

    click above to view more live high-res pics of the Scion tC Release 4.0 If you saw our preview of the Scion tC Release 4.0 and want more, you're in luck 'cause we've spotted it here in Chicago. We already knew pretty much all there was to know about the machine, including the DAMD body kit and ...


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