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    SEMA Preview: Scion bringing a six pack

    Click above for galler of all six Scion SEMA cars
    Scion's been a perennial SEMA attendee for the last five years, with customization being a central tenet of the brand. This year, the cool-seeking Toyota nameplate is bringing a sextet of vehicles, three each of tCs and xBs, all customized. The xBs ...

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    Scion sales are down, brand image in flux

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2008 Scion xB.My older brother Brian drives a Scion xD. He's 39 years old, and probably considered anything but cool by 18-24 year-old standards. He bought his little xD because he was tired of filling up his AWD 2001 Chevy Astro conversion van, and he's ...

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    Scion's newest ad campaign puts reader's rides on billboards

    Scion owners recently submitted pics of their personalized vehicles, including tC, xA, xB, and xD models, to the company for evaluation. The loyal owners were participating in Scion's "United by Individuality" brand campaign, designed to put individuals' modified vehicles in magazines, on ...

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    Scion xD Limited Edition Release Series 1.0 starting at $16,549

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Scion xD Release Series 1.0.Scion seems to release more limited-edition models than we have fingers and toes to count, and it's continuing that tradition this June with the xD Release Series 1.0.Scion's attempt to differentiate the xD RS 1.0 from its staid ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Production Toyota iQ, Urban Cruiser revealed

    click either image to enlargeUnlike the Dodge Challenger Midwest Regional Auto Show, Geneva's shaping up to be bursting with new-car debuts. Toyota will be in the thick of it, showing off the production-spec version of the iQ microcar, which the automaker debuted as a concept last year in Frankfurt ...

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    Detroit Diversion: The Scion xD toy crane

    Click image to see the Five Axis Scion xD Toy Crane in actionThose of you who attend your local auto show every year know that the Scion booth is always loaded with free swag for showgoers. This year, in addition to the free goodies at the desk (knit beanies, a DJ mix CD), we noticed a line of ...

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    IIHS wrecks new Scion xD. Rates average, good

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) did its worst to the new Scion xD, and after performing both the frontal offset test and a side impact test with the standard front and rear head curtain airbags and front seat torso airbags, the xD came away with ratings from "good" to "average."On ...

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    SEMA 2007: Scion spirit at SEMA

    Click the image above to view a couple of Scion's SEMA entries."These are our people!" has always been Scion's mantra at SEMA. Car customization and personalization is the cornerstone of Toyota's "youth"branded division, despite the number of retirees buying up xBs to shuffle between the doctor's ...

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    It's the "TRD-ist" ist around

    Click image for galleryThe oddly-named JDM Toyota ist was formally introduced this week, and as was the case with the Toyota Blade Master, another new arrival in Japan's Toyota stores, a range of TRD accessories was announced very shortly thereafter. They do the job of dressing up the rather bland ...

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    Japan gets new ist, err... xD

    The JDM Toyota with the most peculiar name (it's up against some pretty tough competition on that front), the "ist", had a face lift and heart transplant today. Replacing the original 2002 model, which was sold Stateside as the Scion xA, the new car is still a front wheel drive hatchback, but has ...

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    Scion xD gets stickered at $14,550*

    Don't forget about the destination charges! Those are an additional $ on the above image to view more pics of the 2008 Scion xDScion has come out today and priced its new entry-level xD with an MSRP of $14,550 for one with a manual tranny and $15,350 for one with an automatic. The base ...

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    Scion may break promise to itself, add fourth model

    When Toyota's youth brand was born, there was an unwritten rule that it wouldn't grow beyond three models. Years later, Scion is an unqualified success having sold 170,000 units of the xA, xB and tC last year, which has Toyota execs wondering if just a few more units could be sold with a fourth ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Scion's xB gets bigger and less boxy (w/ VIDEO!)

    click above image to view XX high-resolution images of the redesigned Scion xB var digg_url = ''; Scion VP Mark Templin claims that his company is more in touch with its buyers than any other brand, and what xB owners wanted ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Toyota unveils the all-new 2008 Scion xD (w/ VIDEO!)

    click image above for 91 high-resolution images of the new Scion xD var digg_url = ''; Toyota officially unveiled the new 2008 Scion xD, its replacement for the xA, today at the Chicago Auto Show. Like the original xA, the xD ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Scion xB and xD info leaked early

    In a move that can only be deemed as stupid, lazy or incredibly devious, Car & Driver published images and information on Scion's redesigned xB and all-new xD more than a day and a half before the car's are scheduled to be debuted here in Chicago. The info went live last night but wasn't ...

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    Redesigned Scion xB and new xD set to debut in Chicago

    Auto show season is in full tilt boogie and the latest news is that Scion intends to debut two new vehicles at the Chicago show next month.The first vehicle will be a redesign of the rolling toaster known as the xB, which may share some design cues with the t2b that debuted in New York in 2005. The ...

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    SPY REPORT: Inside Scion's big Miami Beach product reveal

    This weekend, Scion flew 328 owners to Miami Beach, which served as the backdrop for an invitation-only reveal of the replacement for the xA and the brand-new xB. The event happened Friday night at the Miami Beach Convention Center (if you go to the CC's website, you'll see that 12/15 was booked ...


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