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scion tc release series 5.0

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    Is Scion planning to introduce a tC successor in New York... dubbed tD?

    Scion has just about exhausted the mileage it can get from itsvarious and sundry "Release Series" editions of the tC, and the front-drive coupe is the oldest thing in Scion's lineup. There is, though, on the New York International Auto Show schedule, a Scion press conference. What would Scion have ...

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    Chicago 2009: Scion tC Release Series 5.0 is...errr... released

    Click above to view live shots of the Scion tC Release Series 5.0
    As we told you last week, Scion is taking advantage of this year's Chicago Auto Show to drop yet another tweaked Scion tC, just like they did last year. This year's example is the 2009 Scion tC Release Series 5.0, of which 2000 ...

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    Scion prices tC Release Series 5.0

    Click above to enlarge the Scion tC Release Series 5.0
    Another Chicago Auto Show, another mildly refreshed Scion tC Release Series. For those keeping track, this is Release Series 5.0, but unlike previous limited-edition models, the modifications aren't limited to a new hue and set of rims. The ...


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