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scion marketing

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    Report: Scion targeting heavy metal, headbanger demographic

    Marketing to younger buyers can be a funny thing. Sometimes, the more you try to sell Generation XYZPDQ on a car, the more it ensures you will sell to older buyers looking to feel young again. Scion has been toying with this concept ever since it was founded in 2002. The Toyota offshoot's latest ...

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    Report: Scion changing as brand buyers get older

    Toyota may seek to reposition Scion in the wake of slower sales, according to Automotive News. It's been 10 years since the Japanese automaker unveiled its youth-oriented brand, and Toyota recognizes that the original target demographic has officially grown up. After concluding a nine-month ...

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    Create your own family crest courtesy of Scion

    Scion keeps coming up with all kinds of ways to let owners customize their owner's club credentials. The latest is Scion Speak, which gives users the power to create a custom coat-of-arms to show their love for Scion Nation. When you've got your family shield -- or Scion gang affiliation -- ...

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    Scion promises fewer sales in 2007

    For the first 255 days of 2006, Scion sold more than 151,000 cars. Next year, the youth-oriented brand plans to sell even fewer. The Wall Street Journal reports that Toyota plans to limit its youth brand's sales to a year-long total of only 150,000 vehicles next year. Toyota hopes that by keeping ...


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