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    Video: Building a better Pinewood Derby car with science

    Every corner of human endeavor has its researchers, and that includes activities that we might think are just supposed to be fun for kids, like pinewood derbies. In case you don't know, a pinewood derby where kids build a car out of a block of wood, add some nails for axles and plastic wheels and ...

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    Video: National Geographic Channel balances Ford F-150 on four coffee mugs

    Proving that there is still something to be learned on television these days, National Geographic Channel recently introduced a new series called Duck Quacks Don't Echo. On the first episode of this science/comedy show, host Michael Ian Black proposes the idea that a truck can be supported with a ...

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    Nanodragster is 50,000 times thinner than a hair, rides on gold dust

    Our sister site keeps up with the plainly-visible automated machines that are precursors to The Robot Apocalypse. But what about the microscopic machines that the T900s will be working with? At right in the picture above is a Top Fuel dragster. To the left is a nanodragster; the red guys in the ...

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    Dung beetles in cow pies helping Toyota create night vision systems? [w/video]

    Dung Beetles and your driving will soon have something in common – Click above to watch video
    It's called "local adaptive spatiotemporal smoothing," and birds moths do it, bees do it, even educated fleas dung beetles do it. What it means is that when a dung beetle looks at something, it can ...

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    REPORT: Vauxhall team creates mathematical formula for perfect parking

    Parallel parking isn't difficult, but we have generally found ways to make it so. Between cars that almost kinda park for you to those with video game displays that turn parking into a Microsoft Flight Simulator landing attempt to the automated cars that park themselves (a frickin' robot! To ...

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    It Ain't Easy Bein' Green: traffic din could be ruining the sex lives of frogs

    While the automobile's total impact on the environment remains up for discussion, it's apparently pretty clear that cars and frogs don't really mix. Well, not if you're a male frog trying to get your croak on, at least. Scientists in Melbourne have found that due to traffic and machinery, a male ...

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    Why does a road ripple like a washboard? Here comes the science...

    The good news is that the men in white coats have figured out why washboard roads develop on sand, gravel or any other loosely-surfaced roads. Above a certain speed, any linear force interacting with the surface causes the force to skip over the surface like a rock skipping over the water. The ...

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    Riders on the Storm: Does car exhaust contribute to lightning strikes?

    You can add another life-killing phenomenon to the list of deadly byproducts attributable to cars: increased lightning strikes. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that in the southeastern U.S. from 1998-2008, there was 25% more lightning during the work week than on the ...

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    Key2SafeDriving technology enforces phone-free driving

    In the military it's called "mission creep," when the quick little job you intended to do turns into something big and ugly. In science, it's called "progress." What started out as a quick little way to keep folks from texting while driving has turned into a way to track how and where you drive so ...


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