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school bus

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    Featured: The billion-dollar potential of the ordinary American school bus [w/video]
    EV Buses Could Offer Power In Crisis, Dollars In Down Time 1418319900

    For the better part of seven decades, the ordinary American school bus has remained exactly the same. Someday soon, it could undergo a radical change. Next year, three California school districts will soon participate in a experiment that will examine whether school buses can be used beyond ...

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    Video: Bus drivers fired for illegal street racing with students on board

    "Even Mitchell knows, racing a school bus full of kids is never a good idea," says the newscaster. And Mitchell Brennan is only seven years old. Sadly, at least two bus drivers in Iowa had to learn the hard way that street racing school buses with elementary school children on board "is never a ...

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    Video: Teens hate riding the bus, but love drifting in it

    The last time we saw a bus drifting it was in a commercial for public transportation in Denmark. The last time we saw Nitro Circus it was waging off-road paintball battles by land and by air. Combine the two and what do you get? An off-roading school bus that can drift in a parking lot and in the ...

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    Video: Don't drive on the sidewalk in Cleveland, or this might happen to you [w/poll]

    There are undoubtedly hefty fines for passing a stopped school bus with its flashing lights on and stop sign deployed, so Shena Hardin, 32, of Cleveland, Ohio, thought it would be an acceptable alternative to use the sidewalk to pass instead. Back in September, Hardin was seen using the sidewalk ...

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    Video: Brave kid stops runaway school bus when driver has seizure

    If you found yourself in a situation where lives were in danger, would you step up and be the hero? Junior high students in Milton, Washington were confronted with just such a scenario, and 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick manned up in a big way. When his bus driver went into convulsions, he shot ...

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    Report: PSA: Some states now using school bus-mounted traffic cameras

    City councils and state legislatures across the country are debating and passing initiatives to put traffic cameras on school buses. Rick Gresham, transportation director for the Cobb County school district in Georgia, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that 1,100 motorists pass his school ...

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    Report: 15,500 Navistar school buses recalled over fire possibility

    The New York Times is reporting that Navistar is recalling 15,500 school buses over a fire risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the popular buses were built with a positive alternator cable that could rub against a mounting bracket. Should the cable's insulation ...

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    Jet-powered school bus reaches 350 mph, eliminates tardy slips

    School Time Jet Bus – Click above to watch video after the jump
    var digg_url = ''; Riding the bus to school was never exactly a pleasure cruise, but when we turned 15, it suddenly moved from a lower form of torture ...

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    25 School districts now offering Autonet Wifi on school buses

    Over two dozen school districts across the country have equipped school buses with AutoNet mobile WiFi routers allowing students to access the 'Net on the go. The Autonet system is a basic wireless router like the ones that hundreds of millions of people use at home, but with an integrated EVDO ...

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    End of unsafe era: (Some) School buses to get seat belts

    My wife and I thoroughly trained our oldest daughter on seat belt safety, and it got to the point where she would scream at the top of her lungs if one of us didn't buckle our belts. When she first stepped foot on a school bus, she was terrified to learn that there were no seat belts and didn't ...

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    AutoblogGreen for 03.20.07

    AutoblogGreen got to take a look at the testing process that new battery technologies go through before they get on the road in new hybrid vehicles. Speaking of hybrids, a California psychologist examines whether driving one can really make you eternally happy. Oil is the only thing the middle east ...

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    Police Chief tickets himself and docks 4 points off license

    If you've ever blown past a school bus with its lights flashing, here's proof that there is absolutely no excuse. Even Kewaskum Wisconson Police Chief Richard Knoebe isn't above the law as the officer gave himself a $235 ticket and 4 points on his driving record for passing a flashing school bus ...


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