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    Geneva 2010: King Saud University Gazal-1 is one whopper of a student project

    We went to the wrong school -– Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Imagine this: you're sitting there in your engineering class and the professor walks in and says, "You're getting a little project this semester. I'd like you to design an SUV. But not just any SUV, one that takes into ...

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    Saudi government bans "lewd" personalized license plates including: "SEX," "ASS," and... "USA"?!

    Saudi Arabia recently instated a new type of license plate that is expected to be fitted to 49 million cars in the kingdom. As opposed to the old Arabic-only plates, the new plates feature Arabic and Latin letters and numbers. Drivers can even request that the three letters on the lower right form ...

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    Saudi Arabia threatens Nissan boycott over Israeli ad

    Click above to watch the video Saudis may be known for a lot of things, but let's face it – comedy is not one of them. Israelis on the other hand... have you seen The Zohan? In any event, it's not surprising that people in Saudi Arabia are outraged at something from Israel, but this time it ...

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    Objection! Burberry edition Maserati Quattroporte spotted in Saudi Arabia

    Click above to view more of the Burberry Quattroporte Think "Maserati" and "Burberry" and there are so many ways this could have gone classy. But this isn't one of them. Seems some fool with too much oil money and not enough taste has plastered his Quattroporte in what appears to be perforated ...

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    Saudi Arabia prepares to lift ban on female drivers

    If you're of the opinion that the religious right has too much influence on American politics, you should check out Saudi Arabia. The royal family has relied for decades on the support of fundamentalist Wahabi clerics who, in return for their support to the ibn Saud regime, have insisted on ever ...

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    Strange Bedfellows: Lotus helps develop Saudi Arabian green car industry

    Considering that around 100% of its gross national product comes from oil, Saudi Arabia wouldn't be your first guess as the location of a burgeoning green car industry. In fact, oil is just about the only industry in this country, though the royal family is interested in establishing Saudi Arabia's ...


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