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    GM updates state of Saturn, potential buyers being reviewed

    General Motors is busy putting the finishing touches on its third (or is it fourth?) viability plan, part of which involves the sale or shut down of the Saturn division. While many were expecting GM to close down Saturn, GM has released a press release to tell the world that the fledgling marquee ...

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    Saturn dealers giving up a different kind of car company

    Saturn was created by General Motors chairman Roger Smith in the late 1980s to be a Different Kind of Car Company. While the first Saturns were generally pretty unremarkable, it was the retail experience that really set the automaker apart from other domestic brands. Saturn was the first marque to ...

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    REPORT: GM asks Saturn dealers to hang on for 60 days

    Thank you for calling the General Motors emergency hotline, please hold while we sort out what the heck to do with you...Saturn dealers are being asked by GM to hold on and not do anything drastic for 60 days while the automaker figures out its next move. There are several options possible, some ...

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    Saturn dealers want to spin-off from GM, start own company

    Saturn dealers must be feeling pretty unloved by their parent company right about now. Yesterday, General Motors announced as part of its updated restructuring plan that the interstellar brand would not be getting any new products, meaning that it's left to die on the vine when the current range ...

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    Lutz says Saturn's days are numbered

    General Motors' Vice Chairman Bob Lutz may be on his way out to pasture, but that doesn't mean he's going to leave as anything other than the quote machine we know and love. The Maximum One told Automotive News that he wished Saturn would survive the current economic calamity, "But frankly, the ...

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    Saturn Astra goes away for 2009

    If you've been looking to spec a new Astra like Autoblog reader ramirez8167, you may have noticed that you can't build or locate a 2009 model on Saturn's website. That's because there isn't one. With plenty of dealer stock on-hand for the slow-moving Opel-based hatch, General Motors has simply ...


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