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284Julian Cox destroys many arguments for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

H2 supporters say he's wrong, of course, but he fights back

76U.S. Omnibus Appropriations bill would raise hydrogen funding 6% over 2010 levels

The future of hydrogen vehicles is both promising and full of questions. Everyone from Nissan to Toyota to Mercedes-Benz (the F-125! concept is pictured) continues to work on the technology, but it still trails battery-electric powertrains in real-world sales and use. The good news for H2 advocates in America is that an increase in government funding for hydrogen vehicles was included in the Omnibus Appropriations bill that passed the U.S. Senate last week. The bill looks likely to get the Presi

53RETECH 2009: hydrogen proponent Sandy Thomas says fuel cells beat the pants off of battery-powered cars

At the American Council on Renewable Energy's RETECH conference and expo last week, I was able to listen to a few presentations on renewables and transportation. It's always interesting to hear about the auto industry from people on the outside, and the RETECH presentations lived up to expectations. I'll be writing about a few of them this week.

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