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    Ford outsells GM, Toyota in February sales

    February's automotive sales numbers are slowly rolling in, and we're already seeing that Toyota's recall crisis has severely hurt the company's overall sales. On the other hand, its loss has proved to be a real gain for other automakers, especially Ford Motor Company, sales of which topped not ...

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    Tesla Model S gets over 500 reservations in first week

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been barely a week since the curtain was lifted on the Tesla Model S, and not only has its design received positive reviews, those sensuous lines have seduced 520 people to fork over some deposit cash for the new all-electric sedan. ...

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    Hyundai CEO says early Genesis Coupe sales numbers are "simply smoking"

    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Click above for high-res gallery
    "Simply smoking." Those are the exact words that John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai USA, used to describe early sales of the automaker's new Genesis Coupe during a recent interview with Motor Trend. The highly-anticipated two-door is selling ...

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    Hybrid sales slide 9.9% in 2008

    Despite all the clamor about how hybrids are going to save the planet, cure cancer, facilitate the second coming, etc., sales of battery-pack-mobiles are down nearly ten percent for 2008. At the beginning of 2008, it looked like hybrids were going to have their best year ever, driven by high fuel ...

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    As yen sweetens, Toyota sales sour

    Being Toyota doesn't grant you any additional immunity from simple global economics. Word from Tokuichi Uranishi, executive vice president of Toyota, is that one of the world's largest automakers is going to miss its sales target of 9.85 million vehicles for 2008. Toyota execs cite slowing ...

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    By the Numbers: September 2007

    Analysts who feared the worst for September 2007 car sales were wrong. It wasn't that bad at all. General Motors pulled out a 3.8% increase in sales, for Pete's sake! Fellow domestics Chrysler LLC and Ford Motor Company, however, did not fare as well. Chrysler LLC sales went down only 1.5% last ...

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    Game on: Truck incentives set to soar

    The slumping housing market and gas prices have hurt truck sales, so automakers are going to have to step up on givebacks to keep metal moving. Toyota has taken the first shot with thier five month old Tundra, with 0% financing and buckets of cash. Edmunds tallied final Tundra incentives at $5,083 ...

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    By the Numbers: December 2006

    The numbers are in for December, the last month of 2006, and it appears that those year-end sales drives produced results for many brands. We haven't seen this much green on the sales chart all the year. Congrats go to Kia for being the months Biggest Winner by posting a 66% sales gain over last ...


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