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    Former Saleen employees join up with new TECHCO aftermarket company

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    It seems that many of the employees that departed Saleen Inc. after Steve left the company last summer have remained in contact and have reassembled at a new company called TECHCO that will focus on providing innovative high performance aftermarket products. ...

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    Saleen to launch "Dark Horse" Mustang

    Click above for a high resolution image With the 2010 Ford Mustang set to be unveiled in November, time is running out for tuners to put out special edition Mustangs. Saleen seems to have saved its best for last and will be unveiling a "Dark Horse" Mustang next week. The super-Stang will ...

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    Saleen Racecraft Focus RC2 coming in under $20k

    Click above for a high resolution image Saleen is primarily associated with its Mustang lineup, but the American tuner has been known to dabble in everything from mid-engine exotics to humble hatches. Back in 2004, they launched the N2O Focus, complete with a body kit, suspension upgrades, a ...

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    Chris Theodore named as new CEO of Saleen, Inc.

    We haven't received an official announcement from Saleen, but we're here to report that Chris Theodore has been named the new CEO of Saleen, Inc. His previous title at the company was Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, and he has helped drive the development of Saleen's latest vehicles ...

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    Saleen launches Super Shaker system for the Mustang

    When we think of shaker hood scoops, our minds conjure up images of classic muscle cars with rumbling V8s. The current Mustang's retro design looks pretty darn good with a shaker installed as well, as Saleen proved with the Parnelli Jones Mustang. The only problem is that a shaker hood doesn't ...

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    Saleen makes new value-oriented Racecraft brand official

    Click above for a high resolution image We got wind of Saleen's new value-oriented brand last week, and they made it official with a press release introducing Racecraft and its first product, the 420S. The sub-$40,000 Mustang will have a focus on pure performance and offers up a supercharged V8 ...

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    Saleen tapped to develop amphibious vehicles for Gibbs

    It's been just about a year since we last heard anything about the Gibbs Aquada, which should be coming to American roads and shores near you shortly. Last we heard, Gibbs was looking for an American partner and a place to get some engineering work and production done. At least one of those goals ...

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    Saleen unveils supercharger for Navigator/Expedition

    Do you often wonder why putting your foot down while driving your Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator doesn't deliver the response for which you'd hoped? Well, that could be because you're driving an enormous beast of a vehicle saddled with an overburdened 5.4L V8 producing 300 horsepower. Well, ...

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    Saleen to introduce budget-priced vehicles under Racecraft brand

    Saleen has launched a barrage of new products since company founder Steve Saleen left the company last summer including the S302 Extreme, H302SC, Dan Gurney Signature Series Mustang, Sterling Edition Mustang, and the S5S Raptor Concept. While these new Saleen vehicles are pushing the level of ...

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    Saleen Gurney Edition Mustang arrives at dealers

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Dan Gurney SS Mustang's arrival It's been just a few months since Saleen announced its Dan Gurney Signature Series Mustang at the New York Auto Show in April, but the limited edition Mustang has already hit showroom floors. Apparently the car at the show was ...

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    Exclusive interview: Steve Saleen and SMS Limited

    We're big fans of Steve Saleen. He's created some pretty incredible Mustangs over the last 25 years, and any guy that successfully builds his own supercar gets major props in our book. Plus, we could listen to his racing stories for hours. After he announced his retirement from Saleen, Inc last ...

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    SMS to tune Challenger, SMS 570TM and 570XTM on the way

    SMS, Steve Saleen's new tuning company, will be producing its own Signature Series versions of the Dodge Challenger. The release from SMS (after the jump) doesn't divulge much, but two versions will be available, the SMS 570TM and SMS 570XTM, based on the Challenger R/T. Both models will benefit ...

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    Saleen seriously considering producing S5S Raptor

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Saleen S5S Raptor.The Saleen S5S Raptor was one of the stars of the New York Auto Show, so it's not surprising that Saleen is considering building the 650-hp, V8 hyper car. According to an interview in Automobile with Chris Theodore, Ford's former head of ...

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    Five-Oh fanatics: Saleen now offering 302 crate engines

    Click on the image to enlarge We're rather pleased that Saleen has seen fit to offer their excellent 302 cubic inch V8 as a crate engine. Having driven several Mustangs equipped with the powerplant , we feel qualified to say that this is an engine more than worthy of carrying on the 5.0 legacy. If ...

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    VIDEO: Mustang gets Aston Martin Vanquish V12

    Click above to view video after jumpFor decades, the Ford Mustang has been a symbol of affordable performance. While the average GT will still run you less than $30,000, for many that is merely the starting point. Next is the booming Ford Mustang aftermarket business, where you can beef up every ...

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    New York 2008: Gurney still battling Parnelli

    Click image above for high-res gallery of the Saleen Gurney MustangWe just reported on the Gurney Signature Edition Saleen Mustang, but now we've seen it in person and wanted to share some pics. Presented by company President Paul Wilbur and the man himself, the special 'Stang was rolled out in a ...

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    New York 2008: Saleen S5S Raptor is all claw [w/VIDEO]

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Saleen S5S RaptorThis very blogger wrote a post yesterday about the Saleen S5S Raptor. I didn't mention the cars I thought the Raptor looked like, but a fair number of commenters did. This is what you should know: in person, the car looks like nothing else ...

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    New York 2008: Dan Gurney gives stamp of approval for new Signature Edition Saleen Mustang

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Saleen Gurney Signature Edition Saleen doesn't seem to be missing a beat in its first year without Steve Saleen at the helm. It has released several new Mustangs including the Patriot Edition, Sterling Edition, H302 Supercharged and 620-hp S302 Extreme that ...

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    New York 2008: Saleen S5S Raptor revealed

    Click above to view gallery of the Saleen S5S RaptorThough Saleen won't be officially unveiling its new supercar, the S5S Raptor, on stage until tomorrow, we've got pics and details for you now. Though slated to slot below the hardcore S7 in Saleen's lineup, the S5S Raptor looks no less the part of ...

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    VIDEO: Haven't you always wondered? ROUSH vs. SALEEN

    Click above to watch the Saleen S281 and Roush 427R do battle While Saleen and Roush have always been competitors for the dollars of Mustang lovers everywhere, the two companies have somehow managed to co-exist for decades. But which makes a better Mustang? Former FIA F300 driver Derek Hill of ...


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