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saleen s281 extreme

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    Transformers "Barricade" Saleen Mustang sold at auction for $36,000

    One of three "Barricade" Saleen Mustangs produced for Transformers – Click above for gallery
    For better or worse, not all of us can be Sam Witwicky, swapping spit with Megan Fox and attempting to foil galactic evil robots taking the form of common automobiles. But then, there's nothing ...

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    Saleen 550 offers GT owners a matching daily driver

    Click image above for high-res gallery of the new Saleen 550.During this year's Ford GT National Rally II, specialty manufacturer Saleen showed off a new limited edition model. Called the Saleen 550, it is a tribute to Saleen's involvement with the development and production of the Ford GT. Based ...

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    Saleen serves up special 'Stangs for Cannonballers

    Two larger pics available by clicking image aboveSaleen is on our radar again. While we enjoyed its new S331 Sport Truck, it's their Mustangs that we really like, particularly the Parnelli Jones Edition. So we were glad to hear about another new Mustang from this small manufacturer. This time it's ...


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