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    eBay Find of the Day: Jeep Wrangler Jurassic Park edition

    Some lucky hoon will be getting his Dr. Grant on in the most authentic Jurassic Park recreation Jeep Wrangler we've ever seen. The graphics are painted on, rather than being rendered in vinyl, which means this Jeep's look is there to stay. Even the complicated and expensive light bar is ...

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    Video: Jeep hires Lenny Kravitz to hock Wrangler

    Jeep is reaching out to its adventurous, youthful target market with an ad campaign featuring Lenny Kravitz, the picture of clean-cut rebelliousness. The short clip after the break is apparently the abbreviated version of an upcoming short film featuring Kravitz taking the 2011 Jeep Wrangler ...

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    UK adventurer challenges Clarkson to cross Sahara in 1937 Austin 7 Ruby

    Now we're talking! If there's one thing we're in favor of its pushing cars to their breaking point. See LeMons. But what about pushing cars past their breaking point? Like across Africa? That's exactly what British journalist and adventurer Brian Milton did in 1968 when he took a 1937 Austin 7 Ruby ...

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    With marketing like this: Jeep paid $3 million for placement in the film "Sahara" - yeah, "Sahara"

    Making feature films is an imprecise business. Marketing is an imprecise science. Put the two together, and you get things like Chrysler paying $3 million to get the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited showcased in the 2005 film Sahara. The big budget blockbuster opened at number one, but turned into a big ...

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    Jeep drops price on new Wrangler

    Not only is the new Wrangler as capable as ever, it's also less expensive and has more content than the Wrangler it replaces. As part of Chrysler's effort to bring the vehicle's MSRP down closer to its actual transaction price (thus eliminating troublesome incentives), the Wrangler starts at just ...


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