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    Ben "The Stig" Collins names the five worst cars he's ever driven

    Over the course of his years donning the white suit and helmet for Top Gear, pro driver Ben Collins has had the chance to drive an enviably wide array of cars. Their track times all went up on the power lap board, but there are better ways of evaluating how a car handles under pressure – ...

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    Why wait for the new TVR? Get one now... but not from TVR

    Just a week ago, the rumor was spread that new TVRs will be coming to the U.S. and that they'll cook their tires with U.S. engines – but you'll probably have to wait until this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed to get the details. Now we've been told that you can buy remanufactured versions ...

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    Be afraid -- and very happy -- TVR is returning.

    TVR is the formerly Blackpool, England-based maker of fearsome coupes and roadsters not seen in this land (outside of movies like Swordfish) since the 1980s-era TVR Tasmin. Now TVR is owned by an Orlando party planner and a guy who imports Japanese domestic-market cars, who recently held a ...

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    Will Al Melling and Nikolai Smolenski start bidding war for TVR?

    You may have noticed our post Wednesday about TVR's owner Nikolai Smolenski losing his trademark rights and certain tooling. Yesterday, it was revealed that the entire company is, in fact, for sale. Expected bidders include Al Melling and possibly even Nikolai Smolenski rebidding.Al Melling ...

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    TVR taps Bertone in Italy to build lineup?

    A new Autocar item is saying that the next-generation of TVRs will be built by Bertone in Italy, using Ricardo-produced engines. This comes on the heels of reports that the tiny manufacturer was leaving the UK. And that announcement followed the initial declaration that the firm would remain ...

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    TVR production continues, we hope

    Apparently, there are still a few souls stirring at the TVR plant in Blackpool and word is that they'll be producing 60 limited edition Sagaris' in the next six to eight months.The T440R based coupe will benefit from the addition of a supercharger to its 400 hp, 4-liter, straight six and will be ...

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    TVR plans to double production with entirely new lineup

    Color us skeptical, but here's the latest on British sportscar builder TVR. Autocar is reporting that TVR plans to develop three new models, replacing its current Sagaris, Tuscan and Cerbera. The new models will use both TVR's own inline six-cylinder engine and an outsourced V8. In the vaporware ...

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    TVR not dead, merely evolving?

    It would appear that the death of British cottage supercar builder TVR has been greatly exaggerated. In an effort to refute word that the minters of the Sagaris and Tamora are going under, the company itself has issued a statement essentially saying that it isn't dead, simply evolving. In the ...

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    TVR in trouble? UK cottage builder undergoes massive layoffs

    For those of us hoping to see the brutally purist wares of British sportscar manufacturer TVR on American shores, we have some dispiriting news: the company is laying off nearly half its staff, if only temporarily. A TVR spokesperson has been quoted as saying the job-shedding is the ...


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