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    Automakers facing a 75 mpg CAFE rating by 2030?

    The Big Predictions for the Future have begun. This is the numbers game where eye-popping numerical targets start being thrown around before we've come anywhere close to achieving the eyebrow raising targets that are still 14 years away. According to Margo Oge at the EPA, the CAFE standard will ...

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    SAE Convergence: Improving automotive microcontroller performance

    Without a doubt, modern expectations for automotive performance, safety, and comfort are pushing "intelligence" throughout the vehicle, with microcontrollers showing up in a variety of devices that draw together chassis control, driver assistance, and risk management. At the SAE Convergence ...

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    SAE Convergence 2006: The difficulty in implementing effective engine management systems

    Just a decade ago, engine management was a relatively simple affair. Spark advance and fuel injection quantities were the key parameters, and the determination of both was a relatively simple matter of determining engine speed and load and using those values to index a lookup table. Nowadays, ...

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    SAE Convergence 2006: BMW's Intelligent Battery Monitoring

    Battery state-of-charge and state-of-health monitoring is normally thought of as technology that's most appropriate for hybrids, but at the SAE Convergence conference this week, BMW made a good case for including it on all motor vehicles. According to ACAD (the German equivalent of AAA), battery ...

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    NHTSA creating universal standard for automotive 'black box'

    Though you may not realize it, your car is probably equipped with an automotive 'black box'. Also known as Event Data Recorders, these devices record information from a vehicle's various sensors during a crash – everything from airbag performance to the angle of the steering wheel to the ...

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    Ford Shelby GT500 lives up to name - officially rated at 500HP

    This summer the most powerful Mustang ever will go on sale, and Ford announced today that it would have 25 more horsepower than originally estimated. The Shelby GT500 was just ran through the Society of Automotive Engineer’s ringer of tests and came out the other end with an official rating ...

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    SAE puts a timeline on powertrain futures

    At the annual Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress this week, speakers and members outlined what powertrains and alternative fuel sources will move tomorrow's vehicles. All agreed the gasoline engine will continue to dominate the North American market, the world's largest, until at ...

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    New SAE testing methods admonish Toyota, Honda to hold their horses

    The dust continues to settle from the introduction of new horsepower testing standards by the Society of Automotive Engineers, and Japanese automakers are finding a few less ponies in their stables. It turns out that the new testing procedures have resulted in lower horsepower ratings for a number ...


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