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    Rendered Speculation: Saab 9-1 gets drawn up

    Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars, has made it clear that Saab, which was just recently acquired by Muller's exclusive automaker, will introduce a new small car to go up against the Mini and the newly shown-off Audi A1. What's more, the new small Saab will hearken back to such classically styled ...

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    Report: Saab 9-2 plans proceeding, design influenced by brand's '50s teardrop models

    You wouldn't know it by looking at Saab's current automobiles, but once upon a time the Swedish marque was known for crafting almost impossibly rounded bodywork. Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars, which just completed its acquisition of the Saab brand, plans to reintroduce such teardrop-shaped ...

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    Charting out Saab's upcoming model lineup

    There are many folks who've wanted big things from Saab, including this blogger, but we never seemed to get them. The company sold 93,220 cars in 2008, a drop of more than 25% from the previous year, and getting sucked into this year's General Motors saga hasn't exactly helped to create any ...

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    Paris Preview: Saab 9X Air Concept

    Click above for more shots of the Saab 9X Air concept
    During yesterday's press briefing, General Motors let its upcoming Saab 9X Air concept out of the bag ahead of its official debut at the Paris Motor Show, and today we finally have official pics and details of the new Swedish open air coupe. ...

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    GM Europe decides to downsize future Saabs

    The midsized sedan has been growing in all directions for decades, but soaring fuel prices have customers begging for something smaller. GM is heeding the call as it is preparing a smaller batch of next generation Saabs. The next 9-3 was originally slated to be underpinned by the Epsilon II, but in ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Saab 9-X BioHybrid var digg_url = ''; Saab is showing off its latest addition at the Geneva Motor Show today by adding a smaller model at the entry point to its lineup. The new ...

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    Rumormill: GM could rebadge the Saab 9-1 as a Saturn, Pontiac?

    We've learned a multitude of things working the automotive beat on the 'Net. Among them: the German press is great for rumors and GM will badge engineer damn near anything. A piece from Auto Motor und Sport lives up to both expectations, with a story saying that the impending arrival of the Saab ...

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    Saab shows off second 9-1 teaser ahead of Geneva

    Last week's release of a teaser showing the front end of the Saab 9-1 concept has been followed by the shot above procured by our friends at TrollhattanSaab. The cloaked profile pic answers one of the main questions we had, namely how Saab's designers decided to shape the rear hatch. It looks more ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Saab releases 9-1X teaser shot

    We've got to give GM props on this one, since, unlike other automakers, it's blacked-out teaser isn't nearly as susceptible to Photoshop trickery. Regardless, Saab put up the image above on its media site announcing what we already knew: the Saab 9-1X concept is coming to Geneva and it's going to ...

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    Scratch London. Saab 9-1 concept bound for Geneva

    Saab has got its work cut out for it over the next few years, as it attempts to recreate itself – once again – by offering a slew of new products that will hopefully differentiate it from the rest of the General's line. The next big small thing from Saab is the 9-1 concept, which aims ...


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