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    Report: Focus chief engineer leaves Ford for... yacht builder?

    2012 Ford Focus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Jens Ludmann, the German engineer in Ford's European arm who led the development of the S-Max, Mondeo and 2012 Focus, is departing the automaker after a successful 10-year run. Where to? He's leaving the Blue Oval to join the deep ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Ford launches updated Galaxy, S-Max at Brussels Auto Show

    2010 Ford S-Max (above) and Galaxy (below right) – Click either for high-res image galleries
    We can debate the relevance of the modern minivan in the North American market until the proverbial cows come home, but the fact remains that in Europe, the MPV still plays a vital role. Few know ...

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    Ford shows retouched Galaxy, S-Max with EcoBoost power ahead of Brussels Motor Show

    2010 Ford Galaxy and S-Max -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    The next generation models of Ford of Europe's popular Galaxy and S-Max people movers are about to make their introductions at the Brussels Motor Show. Both have been given modest exterior revamps, new technologies like Ford's ...

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    Spy Shots: Nip/Tuck'd Ford S-Max spotted in the Swiss mountains

    Ford's rakish S-Max people mover may yet come to the States, but we almost certainly won't see it before the facelift seen here takes effect. Caught by long-lensed spy shots for EVO Magazine, this next-generation S-Max mule was caught pulling caravan duty in the Swiss mountains. According to the ...

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    Rumormill: Ford converting North American factories to make European cars

    For reasons that everyone is aware of, American carmakers have been shutting down and idling plants that make trucks and SUVs. According to AutoSavant, however, Ford is not going to simply shutter plants, it is going to retool some of them to build its Euro-market cars for the American market. If ...

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    Spy Shots: Ford S-Max caught 'round the bend in L.A.

    One of the intrepid editors at Motor Trend snapped off a few shots of a manufacturer plate-equipped Ford S-Max making the rounds in Los Angeles. Yes, it is the exact same S-Max that Autoblog reader Ku Kim snapped back in late July. So, what does this mean? Currently: nothing. But we do know that ...

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    Ford S-Max spotted in L.A.; headed to the States?

    Alert Autoblog reader, Ku Kim, spotted an odd-looking van in Los Angeles traffic. With his always-handy mobile phone, he snapped a couple of pictures of Ford's new S-Max. But wait, you say, that's not supposed to be here! You're right. The S-Max is Ford's middle-tier European minivan, uh sorry, ...

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    Next Focus getting Iosis-treatment? Maybe in Europe.

    If Martin Smith – the designer of the new Mondeo and S-Max – has his way, the next Ford Focus in Europe will be drawing heavily from the styling of its upmarket siblings. While we're stuck with the new Focus coupe that was unveiled earlier this year, European consumers will be getting a ...

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    First Ford Mondeo rolls off the line

    The first Mondeo has made its way down the production line at Ford's production line in Genk, Belgium. The Genk plant has undergone a big upgrade and is one of the most flexible in Ford's production arsenal. The plant was already building S-Max and Galaxy vehicles, and now with the Mondeo added to ...

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    Ford may bring Mondeo, S-Max to U.S.

    As previously reported, Ford intends to begin sharing both platforms and vehicles, originally developed for Europe, with the U.S. We've already been informed that the Transit Connect, a small commercial vehicle, is headed our way, but during an interview with Automotive News, FoMoCo CEO Alan ...

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    'Ford Individual' customization begins in Europe

    Ford has begun running a pilot program in Germany and Switzerland that would allow buyers to customize their rides in ways currently unavailable to customers in Europe.The program, imaginatively called "Ford Individual", is similar to the packages available through Volkswagen and BMW, and will ...

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    Ford Euro models finally on their way to US?

    A Ford spokesperson has told auto industry trade paper Just-Auto that the U.S. automaker is "eyeing Ford Europe products" but that no decisions have been made to import any of those models to the U.S. market. Motor Authority, which has a subscription to the trade news site, states the article ...

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    2007 European Car of the Year: Ford S-MAX

    Ford Motor Company can use all of the good news it can garner these days. On the heels of the positive announcements regarding the Fusion and Milan quality, a panel of 58 automotive journalists from 22 European countries voted the Ford S-MAX the 2007 European Car of the Year. The S-Max earned its ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Ford Mondeo Wagon

    Using the 'kinetic' design language introduced at Frankfurt in 2005 with the Iosis concept, Ford of Europe has just unveiled its new flagship, the Mondeo, at Paris today. The wagon is the first to be debuted, with a production launch scheduled across Europe in the second quarter of 2007. Ford of ...

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    Ford Mondeo concept surfaces overnight

    While most of us in North America were asleep, a European outlet by the name of Coche Actual published what appears to be an official shot of the Ford Mondeo concept that will be seen at the Paris Motor Show next week. The concept is in wagon form, but we're likely to see the production version of ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Ford S-Max

    Autoblog's man in Geneva, Alberto, sent us pics and specs for Ford Europe's new S-Max MPV, a sister ship to the Ford Galaxy cruise liner.Unlike the larger Galaxy, which is billed as having full seven-passenger seating, the S-Max is described as a 5 2. As with the Galaxy, Ford has done a very nice ...


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