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28Monowheel Ryno bike hitting the streets mid-April [w/video]

It was 2011 that the Ryno electric unicycle began making news. Three years later, the news is that the one-wheeled commuter transport vehicle is shipping: head to the Ryno Motors site and you can pick one up for $5,295. If you're the type that always has to try the extra toppings, then you can upgrade to lithium-ion batteries "for an additional fee" and get the Ryno Rack for $169.95 to make portage on your one-humped camel a little easier.

11Ryno Motors single wheel scooter gets driven, is now easier to turn

The ranks of would-be/could-be/wannabe electric vehicles includes several that have three wheels and plenty of two wheeled transports that are already actively cruising the highways on nothing but those crazy electrons. However one-wheeled EVs are, if not quite as rare as a unicorn, at least a lot less common than the multi-wheeled alternatives.

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