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ryan gosling

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    Report: MI woman sues over 'misleading' Drive movie trailer [w/video]

    With the unemployment rate in Michigan still topping 11% and a new law cutting benefits from 26 weeks to just 20, there is a growing fear among social services workers that people will start taking drastic measures to survive. While we're not sure if financial necessity and/or having lots of ...

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    Meet the real star of Drive, Ryan Gosling's stuntman

    Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, looks like it will rank among 2011's most car-guy-friendly (albeit cheesy) movies. Gosling's character is named, simply, "Driver," and his sole job is to -- you guessed it -- drive. And drive he does, out-maneuvering a Chrysler 300 in a jet-black Ford Mustang GT in ...

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    Video: Ryan Gosling turns from stuntman to race car shoe in Drive

    The only thing the car crowd loves more than a good heist movie is a good flick about getaway drivers. It's a simple formula that mixes one troubled soul running from his past to try and live the straight and narrow with a damsel in distress and one last job. It's what made BMW's The Hire series ...


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