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    Japan gets Mazda RX-8 Rotary Engine 40th Anniversary edition

    Click image for photo galleryThis year marks the 40th anniversary Mazda rotary power, and to celebrate, the automaker is building 200 RX-8 Rotary Engine 40th Anniversary edition cars for sale in Japan. Each is finished in Marble White, features special badging and some unique features like a ...

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    Mazda gets into the timepiece game, again

    Click the pic above for a gallery of high res images.Collaborations with watchmakers is normally the purview of exotic car manufacturers, but Mazda has partnered with German watch maker Sinn Spezialuhren to create a limited edition chronograph that's slated to go on sale in Europe this ...

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    Celebrate 40 years of rotary power with Mazda

    Click image for a gallery of the Mazda Cosmo Sport The good old internal combustion engine has been in service since the 17th century when Sir Samuel Morland rather impractically used gunpowder to drive water pumps. It was not until 1876 when Nikolaus Otto invented the modern four stroke engine ...

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    Road & Track rumormill: Mazda RX-7 development underway

    When the newest issue of Road & Track arrived in our mailbox, we were impressed that the 60th anniversary issue was sport compactalicious. The cover sports the new Mitsubishi EVO X alongside a photochopped '08 Impreza STI, and the inevitable shootout consists of the Civic Si, MazdaSpeed3, MINI ...

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    Isn't That Special: UK gets Mazda MX-5 ZSport, RX-8 Kuro

    Click image for photo galleryLast week, Mazda announced the availability of a pair of new special edition cars for the UK market. Some of you eagle-eyed readers might notice that one of them looks a little familiar. That's because you've seen it before; the MX-5 2.0i ZSport is just a British ...

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    Mazda awards young driver with an MX-5 and racing career

    Andrew Caddell celebrates winning the 2006 SCCA National Championship Runoff You've got to hand it to Mazda. They want to be Zoom Zoom and they poney up the products and the marketing to back it up. Back in October we told you about Mazda's unique sponsorship of the SCCA, where they ran a ...

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    Bright Stylish Special Specification! Mazda's Tokyo Auto Salon roster

    Japan's 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon is approaching, and that means that manufacturers are in overdrive preparing a bevy of new production and concept vehicles, all of which are in keeping with the tunerrific flavor of the Salon. Mazda is the first to announce its seventeen-strong car lineup (details on ...

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    SevenStock9 event unites RotorHeads from all over North America

    The Southern California RX Club held its annual celebration of all things rotary today at Mazda's HQ in Irvine, California. Every conceivable RX vehicle and rotary powered conversion showed up at the 9th annual SevenStock event. According to the organizers, SevenStock is the largest single day ...

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    Mazda RX-8 "Nemesis" for the UK

    Click to enlargeMazda UK has revealed its third special-edition RX-8. Dubbed "Nemesis," it follows in the footsteps of the RX-8 Evolve (translated) and the Prodrive-tuned RX-8 PZ. Unlike the cars that preceded it, which used the 231 PS RX-8 as a starting point, Nemesis is based on the 192 PS car. ...

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    Mazda to voluntarily recall the RX-8

    In yet another installment of the Mazda RX-8 customer satisfaction drama, we can confirm that the manufacturer will announce a voluntary recall on 2004, 2005 and some 2006 model year RX-8s. Mazda has confirmed to us that owners will be receiving notices in the next month or so, as the company is ...

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    Mazda unveils upgraded RX-8 in Japan

    Mazda has just announced that its RX-8 four-door sports car has received a few tweaks for the JDM market. As of today the automaker will be accepting orders for a new RX-8 with a six-speed automatic transmission that replaces the previous four-speed slushbox. The new cog swapper is available in the ...

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    Mazda RX-8 reliability tested for third time at 24-hour endurance race

    The Mazda RX-8's reliability has taken a beating as of late, what with the leaked video and various reports of squeeky brakes, flooding and even failing engines in hot climates. The RX-8, however, shouldn't be written off just yet. You should know that the four-door sports car has competed in and ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #36

    On this week's episode, Damon and I break down what occurred between Mazda and the RX-8 community late last week. We also go over the new GMT900 pickups and how new battle lines are being drawn in the pickup wars thanks to high gas prices. We couldn't let the week go by with talking about Playboy, ...

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    Mazda responds to RX-8 community's anger over leaked video

    Recently a privileged video released without Mazda's permission was leaked onto the internet. In the video, a member of the Mazda National Dealer Advisory Council states, "Mazda is well aware of the negative impact on the scores caused by the RX-8 surveys. They agreed with us that the situation had ...

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    Mazda's Zoom-Zoom Live Tour clips cones nationwide

    Mazda North America struck fear into the hearts of traffic cones across the U.S. this week with the announcement of its 2006 Zoom-Zoom Live tour, which kicks off in Washington, D.C. August 12.The tour will visit 10 different cities and offer nearly 50,000 drivers a shot at burning rubber in various ...

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    Mazda RX-8 lands in comics - no joke

    Or rather to be more precise, the Mazda RX-8 will be featured in a series of graphic novels called Revved published by Top Cow Productions. The four-door sports car will be one of four cars depicted that are made with the same metal found in the Holy Grail, Joan of Arc's armor and King Arthur's ...

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    Autoblog Travelogue: 2006 One Lap Of America

    Well, the fuse has been lit on the 2006 installment of the splendiforously-titled Tire Rack Cannonball One Lap of America presented by Car & Driver (better known as 'One Lap'), and as usual, your trusty Autoblog contact is on the scene. We had high hopes for 'live-blogging' the Cannonball Run ...

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    Mazda unveils Prodrive RX-8

    Mazda Motors UK unveiled Monday a limited edition RX-8 coupe for the U.K. market. Developed jointly with legendary motorsports company Prodrive, the Mazda Rx-8 PZ is an appearance and handling upgrade for the 230 hp RX-8.According to Mazda, Prodrive was tasked with creating a more involving driving ...

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    Mazda delivers first street-legal hydrogen-powered RX-8s

    With the delivery of the first RX-8 Hydrogen REs in Japan, Mazda is claiming the first fleet deliveries of a street legal hydrogen/gasoline hybrid vehicle. Two examples have been delivered -- one to Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, and another to Iwatani International Corp. in Osaka. The cars ...


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