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    What's in a Name? BMW to roll out sDrive for rear-drivers

    Remember the good old days when at least BMW nomenclature was straightforward? The first digit designated the series and the second and third the displacement of the engine. Maybe an extra letter would be tacked on, but that was it. Then they started with M this, Z that and X for the SUVs with ...

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    Next Ford Falcon will be less 'Australian'

    The Ford Falcon is all Australian. It has always been driven by the rear wheels, and it has always been designed, engineered, and built Down Under. The automotive world is rapidly changing, though, and Ford is one of many OEMs that are driving towards global vehicle architectures and a less ...

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    Plans for an all-RWD Pontiac shelved?

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Pontiac G8 GTA quick glance at Pontiac's (rumored) future product plans reveals just how much fuel prices have affected plans for an all rear-wheel drive lineup. Let's see, we've got the Solstice and the G8, and, um... that's it. Sure, we're expecting ...

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    VW up! could be switched to FWD

    Volkswagen is working hard to make the up! a reality, but the technological challenges of a rear engine, RWD car are proving to be more daunting than expected. The VW engineering team is reportedly having trouble conjuring up a low cost rear-engine layout. The problem has been trying to accommodate ...

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    Uncertain future for Ford's RWD vehicles, more EcoBoost on the way

    It's been a while since we've heard about FoMoCo's development of large rear-wheel-drive vehicles for Ford and Lincoln – no surprise considering the current climate. With fuel prices continuing their upward trajectory and CAFE standards looming on the horizon, Ford is apparently reevaluating ...

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    MT reports RWD Buick Lucerne still alive

    The current Buick Lucerne shares its underpinnings with both the Cadillac DTS and the Chevrolet Impala, but all three vehicles are set to go their separate ways when they're refreshed in a couple years. Last month we told you that the Impala was staying FWD, and now Motor Trend is reporting that ...

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    Hyundai to spend $80m on Genesis sedan launch, pre-sales top 700 so far

    Hyundai has big plans for its luxury Genesis sedan, and the Korean automaker is willing to pony up $80m to get the word out. Rich appointments, rear-wheel-drive, a choice of powerful engines, and a starting price of $30k is a good story to sell customers on, and the Genesis sedan is being looked at ...

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    RWD Scion tC coming to Formula Drift

    Click above for a huge high-res gallery of the RS*R Scion tC drift car.We've enjoyed our fair share of front-wheel-drive hijinks in empty parking lots with our right hand firmly grasping the e-brake, but in the end, tail-out antics are always more enjoyable behind the wheel of something with the ...

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    This needed to happen: RWD Volvo C30

    Click above for a photo galllery of Skruffse's RWD C30While Volvo's C30 has wily charms in its stock configuration, we could see how it'd be even more entertaining with the power being sent to the proper wheels. While we're talking revisions, a honkingly large turbocharger and external-reservoir ...

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    Ford Australia denies American RWD platform development

    That didn't take long. After Monday's article in the Detroit News reporting that Ford's U.S. operations were going to be developing its own RWD platform here in the States, the FoMoCo crew from Down Under refutes that story saying, "It's too early to speculate on that." With the dollar not holding ...

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    Hyundai launches site for Genesis Coupe

    We dug the hot new Genesis Coupe at the New York Auto Show, but not everybody can head out to Gotham to see Hyundai's future tuner de force. Hyundai knows it has a good thing on its hands, and has now shared it with the world in web form. The Genesis Coupe's official site includes everything from ...

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    VIDEO: One cranky South Korean gets to drive the Hyundai Genesis

    Click above to watch the videoUPDATE: Hyundai Motor America responds to the cranky South Korean reviewer. Click here. The Hyundai Genesis has had a lot of positive speculative press, and there are a lot of journalists anxious to get behind the wheel of the rear-wheel-drive sedan from South Korea. A ...

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    Enter TCC's Rumormill: GM's RWD plans to include Buick and Cadillac

    We're getting a bit tired of trying to keep up with what models GM plans to underpin with a rear-wheel-drive platform. Aside from the upcoming Camaro and the Pontiac G8, no other vehicles have received the divine anointment from the General's higher-ups due to impending CAFE regulations that will ...

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    REPORT: Alan Mulally wants an FG Falcon

    Click above for more high-res images of the FG Falcon G-SeriesBut is he getting one for himself? One could certainly infer that's the case based on this GoAuto article, which reports that the Ford CEO was so blown away by the Falcon G6E Turbo he sampled at an Australian test facility that he told ...

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    Friday Fun: RWD Scion xB with Chevy V8 power!

    click above for more high-res iamges of the V8-powered Scion xBForget about body kits, custom fiberglass enclosures for your woofer and LCDs in the headrests. This is the only way to make the Scion xB entertaining in our humble opinion. Oh yeah, Scion wants you to think its cars are more fun than a ...

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    VIDEO: 2008 Mustang commercial is dreamy

    click above to view video With all the hype surrounding the upcoming production versions of the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro, it's easy to forget that the Mustang is still king of the hill when it comes to pony car sales. We've had the very competent current model since Fall 2004, while any ...

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    Due to CAFE, Lutz declares RWD Impala and Monaro dead

    It's finally (semi) official: RWD cars like a new Pontiac GTO (and Holden Monaro) and Impala are "gone for now." Bob Lutz has been making noises about it for a while, and every announcement gets more and more certain that the front wheels will be pulling more GM cars. Just a month ago, Lutz told ...

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    Lincoln returning to RWD, too

    Not that they ever left, but Lincoln's not going to pull what Cadillac tried in the '90s, switching its entire lineup to FF chassis. Derrick Kuzak, Ford's Lutz, has intimated to Car & Driver that rear wheel drive remains part of Lincoln's plans, and that there's a new FR car under development. ...

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    Pontiac G8 production now underway

    Since the G8 was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, there has been an air of optimism for the Pontiac brand. There's good reason for the uptick in serotonin, too, as the G8 is a real live RWD sedan from the General. It doesn't hurt that its 6.0L V8 can kick out 362 HP and hit 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. ...

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    Lutz denies Pontiac not getting Alpha platform

    When we read in Motor Trend that the Alpha platform would find its way beneath the bow tie instead of the next G6, we were a little disappointed. It didn't make sense that GM would forego the performance-oriented image of Pontiac that Blogger Bob promised us for the more family-friendly, high ...


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