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    Video: '80s Vixen RV is the 'first driver's motor home' [UPDATE]

    There is no class of vehicles that drives worse than RVs. Period. Who would of have thought strapping a house worth of furniture, appliances, carpeting and plumbing to a bus would have detrimental effects on a machine's drivability? It turns out there was one machine in the '80s that promised to ...

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    World's Richest Man invests in RVs

    Everyone's broke. Gas prices keep rising and falling. America's three largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles are losing money like their pockets are full of holes. Perfect time to invest.Well, it is if you're Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world, who has made an art out of "buy low, ...

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    Destroy Travel the Earth in the MAN Action Mobil Globecruiser

    The Action Mobil Globecruiser is more of a superhero support vehicle than something meant for the average guy or gal. The stats: 783-cubic-inch, 530 hp six-cylinder diesel, 12-speed automatic, permanent AWD, two locking differentials, ABS, a 219-gallon fuel tank, a 154-gallon water tank, 2.4-inch ...


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