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    Official: Nissan launches rough and ready Almera in Moscow

    Nissan has taken advantage of the Moscow Motor Show to unveil a new Russian-specific sedan with an old name. The Nissan Almera is a new offering that will be built in Russia and feature attributes that, according to Nissan, "meet the unique demands of the Russian market." What exactly does that ...

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    Dartz creates car to commemorate Russian SUV whale penis debacle

    Dartz Whalewatch Penisguard – Click above to view high-res image gallery
    Warning: if reading the word "penis" over and over again makes you uncomfortable, you might want to avert your eyes. First of all, the real story here is that Russian super-SUV maker Dartz never wanted to use whale ...

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    It's not a Sebring. Volga begins production of Siber sedan

    Click above for more shots of the Volga SiberFeaturing a slightly revised front and rear fascia on a previous-generation Chrysler Sebring chassis, GAZ has resuscitated the Volga brand name with the Siber sedan. In the words of Sergey Zanozin, Chairman of the GAZ Group, "The GAZ Group has started to ...

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    Russia now Europe's biggest automotive market

    Russia has just passed Germany as Europe's largest market for new car sales -- for the first half of the year, at least. In fact, Russian consumers managed to snatch up 41% more cars for the first half of this year as compared to the previous year. Not only that, but the vehicles being sold in ...

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    Posh Russian community bans Russian made cars

    Russia sure has a knack for offering up the most offbeat automotive news. For even more proof of this, look no further than Zolotye Klyuchi 2 (Golden Keys) housing complex. This complex caters to the well-off in Moscow, and has banned Russian-made cars from its community. Management at the Golden ...


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