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runaway prius

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    Local police agree, runaway Prius in NY caused by driver error

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported its initial findings on the runaway Prius case in New York. The NHTSA disclosed information regarding its belief that the 2005 Prius involved in the suspected ...

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    Feds suggest driver error may have caused runaway Prius in NY

    Last week we told you about an incident in New York involving unintended acceleration in a 2005 Toyota Prius. This accident occurred just after the high-profile case involving Jim Sikes and his runaway Prius in San Diego, but unlike that incident where the car eventually came to a complete stop, ...

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    Toyota agrees with NHTSA investigation of runaway Prius, but not calling Sikes a liar

    Toyota walked a fine line this afternoon when it revealed that its own two-day investigation of last week's runaway Prius near San Diego, CA had reached the same conclusion as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's investigation. That is, the brakes on Jim Sikes' 2008 Toyota Prius ...

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    Video: SNL pokes fun at runaway Prius with fake Ford commercial

    SNL fake Ford commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    With all of the buzz surrounding Jim Sikes and his "runaway Prius" last week, it doesn't surprise us that the funny folks at Saturday Night Live have spoofed the situation in one of their infamous fake advertisements. ...

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    Official investigation of runaway Prius begins to answer questions

    A joint investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Toyota into the highly publicized incident last week of a runaway 2008 Toyota Prius near San Diego, CA may begin to answer questions raised after the owner's credibility was challenged. In particular, the brakes ...

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    Report: Another Prius accelerates unintentionally in New York and crashes

    Not one day after a high-profile incident involving a Prius taking off on its owner in Southern California, we're hearing reports that another one of Toyota's popular hybrids has suffered unintended acceleration in New York. This time, instead of the car eventually succumbing to the will of its ...


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