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runaway car

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    Video: Surveillance camera shows Mercedes driver parking fail

    It's happened to you or someone you know: You think your car is in Park and begin to exit your vehicle, and then it starts to roll. Now, most drivers catch themselves that moment, step on the brakes, throw the gearshift into Park and wait for their heart rate to come back down. This was not one ...

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    Video: Watch what might be the best-ever save attempt in motoring

    We have no idea why the vehicle in the below video was rolling downhill on the wrong side of the road (a bad parking brake would be a good guess), but we do know that the gentleman in white is either brave or crazy... or a chilly cocktail of both. In the video above, we have some dashboard ...

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    Video: Diabetic condition leads to wild snowy ride for Kia owner

    The blurry screencap shown above is of a driver in morning traffic on Pennsylvania's I-81, in mid-jump, hurtling down the snowy median. The man who captured the video, Shawn Lucas, thought the driver was trying to evade police, but it turns out the 61-year-old woman behind the wheel of the Kia ...


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