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rugged ridge

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    Video: Jeep Wrangler power folding top kit debuts at SEMA

    Considering how long the Jeep Wrangler has been in production, we're surprised that nobody thought of this sooner. The Jeep enthusiasts at Omix-Ada Inc. have designed what they're calling the world's first power folding soft top kit for the beloved Wrangler, which can be fitted to any 2007-2012 ...

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    Pinewood Derby Jeep deserves a merit badge of excellence

    Rugged Ridge's Pinewood Derby Jeep CJ8 – Click above to enlarge
    While some of us have never tried to fashion a Pinewood Derby racer out of a block of wood, the chances of such an endeavor turning out half as well as the work of art that is the Rugged Ridge Jeep CJ8 is next to nothing. The ...


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