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    Confirmed: Build your next Phantom with the Rolls-Royce iPhone app

    Rolls Royce is letting owners and enthusiasts unleash their creative juices on the 2011 Phantom with a new app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The program lets would-be buyers and reams build their very own, fully-customized version of the hyper luxury sedan, complete with a frightening ...

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    Video: 27-liter, Rolls-Royce airplane-engined Rover SD1

    Charlie Broomfield got bored of working on run-of-the-mill project cars. He always seemed to finish them to quickly, and was never quite satisfied with the results. Charlie needed a challenge to his engineering and fabrication skills. That challenge came in the form of a donated 1981 Rover ...

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    Rolls-Royce confirms new models and new engine

    To call Rolls-Royce a small automaker would be an understatement as big as their cars are. Its model line-up, recently expanded to include the Drophead Coupe, consists solely of two derivatives of the Phantom. For the first time in the company's history, production in 2007 capped the 1,000 mark. So ...

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    Spy Shots: Baby Rolls nabbed

    Hours upon hours of lying prone on the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle have paid off for KGP's hardcore spy shooters. An upright test mule has been spotted running around at BMW's facility in the frozen hinterlands. There have been rumors of a smaller Roller swirling about, and these shots seem ...

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    And you thought the Phantom was the size of a truck...

    The Range Rover has long held the high ground in the luxury off-road segment, holding its own quite honorably against the constant onslaught of latecoming rivals from mainstream luxury carmakers. It might have a more difficult time of it, though, if the other Double-R of British luxury automobiles ...

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    Spy Shots: Rolls Royce fixed-head coupe

    Wait a second, doesn't this spy shot look a lot like the Phantom Drophead Coupe that's already out on the market? That's what Rolls Royce would have you believe, but EVO is certain this is the Spirit of Ecstasy's upcoming hard-top two-door, previewed by the 101EX concept and recently confirmed for ...

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    Does BMW want more babies?

    BMW is expected to release its new corporate strategy later this year, and when it does, it might include expanding to swallow up some more brands. What those brands might be has not been revealed, although reports indicate that the Bavarian automaker could be looking to take over Volvo cars from ...

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    Pricey Pickup: 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow truck for sale

    All that money, and it looks like a lowered Ford Courier with a nice paintjob -- from the side, anyway. This Silver Shad-amino (Shadero?) has just undergone a two-year restoration by Florida's Foreman Motors. It'd be just the thing out on the Estate, cruising the grounds surrounded by sumptuous ...

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    Land of the Free: Americans pay least for a new Rolls-Royce

    Think a Rolls-Royce Phantom is expensive? Well, is. One of the most expensive on the market, as a matter of fact. (Hey, it's a Rolls-Royce. What did you expect?) But if you think the Phantom is expensive on the American market, you should take a look at what it costs elsewhere in the ...

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    STRUT your Roller

    When supersonic wasn't enough, we got "hypersonic." When luxury wasn't enough, we got "ultra-luxury." If we aren't there yet, we will soon come to a time when "bling" is not enough. The first candidate for what we will call "superbling" is STRUT's line of automotive jewelry. With offerings aimed ...

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    Rolls-Royce steel-plates the Phantom

    Click on image above to view in high-resolution In most countries around the world, if you've got the cash and the chutzpah to be rolling in a Roller, you're an instant target for theft, carjacking, kidnapping and various forms of armed extortion. No wonder, then, that Rolls-Royce is finally ...

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    The Rolls Royce of marketing strategies

    Most carmakers produce automobiles for a wide variety of customers and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. While a Viper may be used to promote the brand, Dodge isn't trying to sell one to the same customer considering a Caliber, for instance. A handful, meanwhile, only market to the ...

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    Rolls Royce and Grey Goose mix up a special cocktail

    Is that a Grey Goose flying into a Silver Cloud? Not far off, actually. In a bit of brand synergy we can really get behind, Grey Goose, the veritable Rolls Royce of vodkas, has teamed up with Rolls Royce itself on a joint marketing and public awareness campaign. The promotion centers around two ...

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    Upcoming "baby Rolls" to get its own platform

    Some love it, some hate it, but everyone has to admit that the Rolls Royce Phantom is one impressive car in every way. As if that weren't enough, at Detroit Rolls Royce dropped another bomb on us in the form of the pre-production Phantom Drophead Coupe, complete with brushed aluminum hood, teak ...

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    VIDEO: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

    A Rolls-Royce is, well, a Rolls-Royce. And they don't unveil many new Rolls-Royce models that often, so we've been looking forward to seeing the Phantom Drophead in motion. We have, now you can. The folks over at Rolls-Royce, in all their ecstatic spirit, have graced the motoring public with this ...

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    Detroit Preview: Rolls-Royce cabriolet

    Rolls-Royce is set to take the wraps off a new convertible at the Detroit Motor Show less than two weeks from now, and have leaked a few photos to get our Spirits of Ecstasy flying. Although the name is not yet officially known, most insiders predict a revival of the Corniche nameplate for this ...

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    Pretty in Pink: Bugatti Veyron by Bathing Ape

    Did you think the Porsche Turbo with the camouflage paint job was strange? Then try this on for size. Japanese streetwear brand Bathing Ape (think Fubu or Marc Ecko from the land of the rising sun) seems to have a knack for taking the most expensive, exclusive high-end automobiles on the market ...

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    Bruce Wayne or Batman? DC Design Rolls-Royce coupe

    Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed a Nissan 350Z with a Rolls-Royce? Yeah, us neither. But Indian styling house DC Design, the same people who brought us the Cayenne coupe, seem to have a knack for crafting the answers to questions no one was asking – with considerable skill, mind ...


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