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royal purple

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    Video: Watch some stunt footage from the upcoming Need For Speed movie

    Lubricant company Royal Purple has started a video series called Outperformer, its latest episode looking at stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert working on the coming film Need for Speed. Gilbert is a third-generation stunt man with a family lineage going all the way back to Mickey Gilbert in Ben ...

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    Autoblog Giveaway: Win a case of Royal Purple motor oil and filter!

    IF YOU TRIED TO ENTER BEFORE AND IT FAILED, PLEASE TRY AGAIN. THANKS! Regardless of whether your next oil change is coming up or can wait a while, it is coming nonetheless. Motor oil is one of your car's consumables, and as such, it needs to be replaced when it gets dirty. For our latest ...

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    Iron Man Tony Stark to sponsor Formula D car? [w/video]

    Click above to view the trailer after the jump
    Of all the fictitious captains of industry and superheroes ever to grace the silver screen, Tony Stark's got to be one of our favorites. Why? Well aside from flying around the world in his super-suit and kickin' terrorist butt, he's also a hardcore ...


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