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    Report: Porsche's baby Cayenne could be called "Cajun"

    The Porsche range spans thus: 911, Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster. How would you feel about a Porsche Cajun being added to that? We haven't heard much lately about the long-rumored little SUV supposedly being planned in the Stuttgart product department, and the last time we did it was ...

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    Porsche exec denies small SUV development, two-door Panamera

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Porsche that doesn't exist.Despite what recent spy photos might suggest, Klaus Berning insists that Porsche isn't working on a baby Cayenne. The Porsche marketing executive spoke with Auto Motor und Sport on a variety of topics, from the production of the ...

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    Rendered Speculation: 2010 Porsche Cayenne gets smaller

    Wendelin Wiedeking said so himself: "there will be no baby Cayenne." He was telling the truth, but according to latest rumor he simply didn't finish telling the truth. There will be no baby Cayenne that is sold alongside the current Cayenne. But it is speculated that the current Cayenne, for its ...

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    Porsche exec says "No" to baby Cayenne, again

    According to our friends over at Motor Authority, Porsche exec Wendelin Wiedeking has officially denied the development of a cute 'ute designed to slot in below the Cayenne. This news is contrary to last month's report from Autobild that Porsche intended to share a platform with the upcoming Audi ...

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    NEIN sez Porsche: Roxster ain't going to happen

    Fughedaboudit. That's what Porsche is saying about German magazine Auto Bild's claim the sports car maker is going to build a smaller companion ute to the Cayenne called the Roxster that would share its DNA with the upcoming Q5 from Audi. The Stuttgart-based automaker issued a statement that was ...

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    Rockin' the Q5 - Audi CUV lends DNA to Porsche's Roxster

    The Porsche with the coolest name, Roxster, is being scooped by German website Autobild. While we'd like a Roxster to come with a Matchless and a Tele, the actual vehicle will be a Cayenne Mini-Me, sadly having nothing to do with rock or roll. Well, maybe rocks, depending on its offroad chops.The ...


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