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    Report: Ross Brawn retiring from F1 after 16 World Championships

    Ross Brawn, an icon of Formula One and one of the people most responsible for the successes of Michael Schumacher, has announced that he's officially retiring from the world of motorsport. Following the return of Ron Dennis to McLaren, many outlets speculated that the 59-year-old would join the ...

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    Official: McLaren reinstates Ron Dennis as CEO

    With new versions of the 12C coming out all the time, the new P1 still wowing crowds and additional projects underway, sports car fanatics might surmise that McLaren is doing pretty well for itself these days. But Formula One fans would likely disagree. After losing its longtime prodigy Lewis ...

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    McLaren boss Ron Dennis' license suspended in court

    As head of the McLaren Group, Ron Dennis has been responsible for some devastatingly fast cars. Like the iconic McLaren F1 supercar, and the new MP4-12C that succeeds it – not to mention countless championship-challenging grand prix cars. Unfortunately for Ron, though, he won't be able to ...

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    Senna documentary debuts at Sundance

    Ayrton Senna biopic trailer – Click above for to watch video after the jump
    When Ayrton Senna died at 34, he left a gaping hole in a sport that's cherished by tens of millions around the world. Seventeen years later, the documentary about his life entitled Senna has finally been shown to ...

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    McLaren announces comprehensive restructuring, management changes

    Fiat and Ferrari aren't the only ones undergoing a comprehensive restructuring as longtime rival (both on and off the track) McLaren has announced a major reorganization of its operations and several management changes. The biggest shift for McLaren is the split between McLaren Automotive (which ...

  • McLaren boss calls Veyron "junk," claims Top Gear race with F1 staged

    Ron Dennis with the McLaren MP4-12C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When you've been responsible for as many Formula One World Championships and devastatingly fast supercars – including the new McLaren MP4-12C (pictured above) – as Ron Dennis, you're entitled to speak ...

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    McLaren could develop racing version of MP4-12C for privateers

    McLaren MP4-12C GTR Longtail renderings - Click above for high-res image gallery
    When a world-championship racing team unveils a new supercar, some inevitable questions are bound to follow. In the case of the McLaren MP4-12C, people want to know if the company plans on racing it. Seems like ...

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    McLaren Automotive officially launches itself and MP4-12C supercar [w/video]

    McLaren MP4-12C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At a press conference held at its technology center in the UK this morning, McLaren Automotive officially launched itself into existence as a real, honest-to-goodness automaker. McLaren Automotive chairman Ron Dennis introduced the ...

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    VIDEO: Ron Dennis on the new McLaren MP4-12C

    Ron Dennis on the McLaren MP4-12C – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's not hard to see who McLaren has in its sights with the new MP4-12C. The supercar was launched only shortly after – and is positioned only slightly higher – than Ferrari's brand-new 458 Italia. And ...

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    Coming this Wednesday, the McLaren MP4-12C!

    1997 McLaren MP4/12 Grand Prix racer
    This coming Wednesday, McLaren will finally reveal the followup to its legendary F1 road car, but this weekend, in an interview with the Times of London newspaper, Ron Dennis finally announced the car's name. The supercar which until now had been referred to as ...

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    REPORT: Formula 1 fixture Ron Dennis quits McLaren Racing

    McLaren F1 doesn't need to cheat to win, but for some reason they keep on doing it – cheating, that is. The team's most recent snafu is being called Liargate, and it has resulted in a McLaren sporting director being sacked, Lewis Hamilton talking of switching teams, Martin Whitmarsh fumbling ...

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    Pump up the Volume: McLaren to target 4000 sales annually

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the McLaren P11
    With the SLR speeding out of the picture following the debut of the Stirling Moss edition speedster, the only vehicles McLaren will be producing are the handful of Formula One racers it'll need to defend its title this season. But that's about ...

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    Ron Dennis steps down from McLaren F1, focusing on supercars

    Ron Dennis, the man behind the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team, announced he'll be stepping down from his position on March 1st to concentrate on McLaren's future endeavors. Dennis made it clear during today's press conference that his departure shouldn't be perceived as retirement. On the contrary, ...

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    The Fine Print: Hamilton will get his McLaren F1 LM after 3 titles

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the McLaren F1 LM Now that Lewis Hamilton has secured the Formula One championship, supercar fans around the world are asking when he'll get his hands on that rare McLaren F1 LM. The incredibly valuable supercar – initially reported at $4 million but now ...

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    Rumormill: McLaren boss Ron Dennis fired

    If you thought rumors spread fast among automotive news sites, that's nothing compared to the speculation that spreads like wildfire around racing paddocks. The latest reports suggest that Ron Dennis, who has successfully directed the McLaren F1 team to seven constructors' titles and nine drivers' ...

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    F1: Alonso headed to... McLaren?

    Fernando Alonso, recently let go from the telenovela known as the McLaren F1 Team, is in a bit of a quandary. He's looking for a team that can keep him at the top of the standings, but he only wants to sign a contract for a year. That's because the teams he really wants to join, Ferrari or ...

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    McLaren and Prodrive sitting in a tree, R-A-C-I-N-G

    F1 panjandrums have been working all year on a suitable definition of the term "non-constructor." If they can get that done soon, and then figure out how to split F1 income among constructors and non, then Prodrive will officially join the 2008 F1 circus. McLaren and Prodrive have recently signed ...

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    "Stepneygate" verdict reached: McLaren stripped of '07 championship points, fined $100 million

    The ongoing "Stepneygate" espionage scandal that has embroiled Formula 1 this summer has drawn to a conclusion (for the time being, at least), and the World Motor Sport Council has meted out some severe punishment. McLaren F1 has been stripped of all its constructors' championship points for the ...

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    Rumormill: McLaren facing exclusion from 2007 F1 Championship

    Thursday, September 13th, the World Motor Sport Council will meet to decide on whether McLaren should be punished for industrial espionage in the Stepneygate affair. What had been winding its way to a peaceful conclusion has now been blown back open with the recent revelation that the drivers ...

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    McLaren wins Hungary GP amid more controversy, could Alonso leave?

    The claws were out at McLaren during this past weekend's Hungarian F1, with heated exchanges between drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, and team boss Ron Dennis. The latest outbursts come just a week after a preliminary decision in the F1 spy scandal and shows a usually close-knit McLaren ...


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