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    Motorsports: Romania's Forza Rossa to join 2016 F1 grid

    Bazac's Maranello ties have prompted speculation that Forza Rossa could be as closely affiliated with Ferrari as Hass. Formula One may be in a bit of a crisis at the moment, with two of its smaller teams collapsing into bankruptcy, but there may yet be light at the end of the proverbial ...

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    Video: Exploring Romania's storied Transfagarasan Highway in a Jaguar F-Type V8 S

    Top Gear is, in some ways, a victim of its own success. When it declares a road the best in the world, like it did with Romania's Transfagarasan Highway during its 14th season, you can't blame people for showing up and wanting to check it out. Of course, then the road becomes clogged with ...

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    Video: Meet Romania's awesome off-road fire and rescue truck

    If you're looking for an off-road vehicle in Romania, Ghe-O has you covered, offering rugged, trail-ready trucks. Now, Ghe-O has taken the next step by creating the ultimate emergency vehicle capable of tackling just about any terrain. Looking like the oversized spawn of a Jeep Wrangler and ...

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    Video: Romanian gas is like a troupe of French maids for your engine

    Ah, Romania, that country of 19 million that many would be hard pressed to find on a map without a label. The nation that's given us world-class literature, Olympic athletes, the Roma, a flighty chap we call Dracula and a stretch of the Transfagarasan Highway, among the world's best drives, among ...

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    Video: Romanian criminals attempt to loot a moving truck

    With money having transitioned from cold hard cash to ones and zeros on a computer screen, stealing someone's personal property has also gone from the romantically dangerous act of train robbing to the Hot Pocket-consuming act of electronic bank hacking. We miss the good old days when miscreants ...

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    The breast implant defense?

    Simona Suhoi is a TV star in her native Romania, where she's known as Simona Sensual for reasons we'll leave to you to figure out. Unfortunately for the ample-chested Simona, her best assets may send her to jail for a spell. It seems the busty star's new breast implants were giving her severe ...

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    Video: How not to judge your speed in a car jump attempt

    Planning on attempting a ramp jump in an automobile? We have a tip for you: Don't use a Dacia 1310. Why? Apparently it can build up too much speed, causing you and your co-driver to overshoot your landing area. Either that, or you need to reconsider your high school math skills... Check out ...

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    Dacia shows off new production Duster 4x4

    Dacia Duster - click above for high-res image gallery
    You know what the problem with Autoblog is? Not enough Romanian cars! To rectify this hateful situation, we present to you the all-new Dacia Duster, a compact SUV that "rewrites the 4x4 rulebook." What that means is that in Europe, most SUVs ...

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    Next in line to get irked by Jeremy Clarkson? The Romanian government [w/VIDEO]

    Top Gear in Romania – click above to watch video
    Another day, another country that hates Jeremy Clarkson's guts. Or at least, another country that is seeking an apology from the Top Gear host for his no doubt rude, but no doubter funny comments about said country. In this case, it's the ...

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    Top Gear posse spotted filming with bevy of exotics in Romania

    The Top Gear crew is preparing the show's 14th season and they've gone to the home of Vlad the Impaler for some help. Piloting a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, Aston Martin DBS Volante, and Ferrari California, the production closed down the Transfagarasan Road that climbs over Romania's ...

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    When in Romania: MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne

    MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    "Yeah, but it drives like a sportscar." "You should see the interior." "All the kids arrive at soccer practice in one." We've heard it all before, and there may even be some truth to some of the claims, but push come to ...

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    VIDEO: Euro trucker sought by police after releasing drive-dancing footage

    Follow the jump to see the video of the dancing trucker
    It gets lonely in a semi cab, long hours of doing little more than light bouncing and trying to stay in your lane. But on the bright side, it does provide a lot of "me time," and with a little background music and the urge to shake it, the ...

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    Golden Oldie: 18-karat Vee-Dub in Bucharest

    This isn't exactly what the recording industry had in mind when The Beatles went gold for the first time. But then, who would have predicted back then that the Iron Curtain would fall and that Eastern Europe would grow into one of the world's largest markets for tasteless luxury items. This 1968 ...

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    Ford offers $78 million for Romanian auto maker

    When the Romanian government put a 72-percent stake in Automobile Craiova SA on the block, it got one bidder: Ford. The Blue Oval first offered fifty-five million euros in July, then upped it to fifty-seven million euros, which equals $78 million dollars. Before the government stepped in, Craiova ...

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    Bucharest Ring race track circles Romanian Parliament

    Getting around Capitol Hill in Washington, DC can be a tricky venture, but getting around the Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania, has gotten considerably easier. Not because the local politics are any less entangled, but because the Romanian legislature is being surrounded by a race track. ...

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    What's in a name? Ask baby SLK

    You just don't meet many girls named Mercedes these days. The German handle has undoubtedly dwindled in popularity as the car brand became a household name, but that apparently hasn't fazed Dumitru Caldara. The Romanian man, evidently an enthusiast of Teutonic automobiles, took it a step further: ...

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    Cross Lander to sue Mother Romania

    Apparently, the saga that is the Romanian-built Cross Lander is not quite over yet. Our contact at the company's Atlanta outpost, Sean Rich, hipped us to the latest developments. According to a press release issued Thursday, Cross Lander USA has announced its intentions to lodge a ...


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