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The website Cleangreencars.co.uk has an idea for you. If, say, you're a luxury car driver who doesn't want to pay the daily London Congestion Charge (currently £8, but it might be going up to £25 in a few months): tell the government you're offering a "private hire" (i.e., taxi) service and cruise London for free (well, for a £82 application fee and £27 per year). Cleangreencars has discovered that there are an unusually high number of luxury cars that have been granted t

AutoblogGreen and Autoblog are like two sides of a coin; sometimes what matters is that we're connected and we try to bring you the full spectrum of automotive news, other times there is no disputing how much we're on opposite sides of an issue. I think Autoblog's review of the 2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom that went up today puts us squarely in that second category. I have not doubt that the ride is every bit as amazing as Alex Nunez makes it sound, but there is simply no way I could enjoy a car tha

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