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    IIHS tests roof strength on microcars, Smart Fortwo comes out on top

    IIHS microcar roof tests - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just tested the latest batch of the smallest cars on the market to determine the strength of their roofs in the event of a rollover accident. Coming out on top with a "good" rating was ...

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    REPORT: Ford Explorer suit draws to close; lawyers big winners, plaintiffs less so

    As another costly Ford Explorer rollover lawsuit finally bogs to a close, the attorneys have again emerged standing on top of the flotsam. This suit, filed in California on behalf of consumers in four states who leased or bought 1991 to 2001 Ford Explorers, alleged the rollover problems associated ...

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    IIHS to raise the roof on crush standards

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has commissioned a study that seems to indicate that a dramatic increase in roof safety is in order. The group's resulting newly proposed standards would require a vehicle's roof to withstand two-times the specific vehicle's weight. According to the IIHS, ...

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    Bush administration needs more time for new roof strength rule

    If you've been following the ongoing roof strength regulation saga, this will likely come as no surprise. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters has again asked for an extension to rewrite the government's vehicle roof strength rule. We've been reporting on this for more than three years, and the ...

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    Feds to release new roof-strength regs in July

    While rollover resistance is improving, current vehicle roof strength regulations date back nearly 35 years. With that in mind, Congress will be taking a careful look at federal regulators as they work on upgrading the standards early next month before they unveil a final regulation at the ...

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    IIHS studies effectiveness of roof strength: Surprise! It matters

    There's been considerable debate between automakers, legislators and safety advocates over how roof strength correlates to deaths in rollover crashes. The majority of the focus has appropriately been heaped on SUVs, whose high center of gravity makes them more prone to rollovers, particularly when ...

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    NHTSA increases roof rigidity requirements

    Vehicle roof crush standards have not been significantly revised since 1971. The current requirements say one side of a vehicle's roof must support at least 1.5 times the total vehicle weight. However, the strength requirements reach a maximum at 5,000 lbs, whether or not the calculated standard is ...

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    Ford settling class-action lawsuits related to rollovers

    FoMoCo is on the brink of settling a class-action lawsuit brought by owners claiming that Ford's Explorer was prone to rolling over. The settlement covers approximately one million people in California, Connecticut, Illinois and Texas who've owned 1991 through 2001 Explorers.Ford's spokesperson, ...

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    NHTSA head says crash standards should be higher

    Nicole Nason, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), maintains that the crash standards that have been on the books since 1973 are due for a revision. Recognizing the 9 out of 10 vehicles routinely score either four- or five-stars on the administration's tests, she's ...

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    SUVs improve rollover safety

    New safety ratings issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2007 model year SUVs reveal the former deathtraps are now much less likely to suffer from a rollover at high speed. Rollovers account for 10,000 deaths in the U.S. every year, which is 30% of all vehicle related ...

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    Roof strength regs delayed again

    Do a search for "roof regulations" on Autoblog and the No. 1 result will be a post written back on August 19, 2005. That's how long it's been since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed the latest increase to the 35-year-old federal requirements that govern the strength of a ...

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    Ford rollover settlement under re-review

    In 2002, Benetta Buell-Wilson was driving her 1997 Ford Explorer in Southern California when she swerved to avoid debris on the freeway. The high center of gravity of the SUV and the quick steering input caused the Explorer to roll four-and-a-half times, eventually coming to rest on its roof. The ...

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    Michael Waltrip rolls SUV, is charged with leaving scene of accident

    Embattled NASCAR star Michael Waltrip has some new problems on his plate. According to Yahoo Sports, he has been charged with reckless driving and failing to report an accident. The charges resulted from an incident over the weekend where Waltrip's Toyota Land Cruiser hit a telephone pole and ...

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    NHTSA to require anti-roll tech on all cars by 2012

    The NHTSA revealed the final rules on the mandatory installation of electronic stability control (ESC) to help prevent rollovers on all vehicles by the 2012 model year (September 2011). The legislation applies to all vehicles under 10,000 pounds, and was ushered in without dissent by automakers. ...

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    Safety group sues NHTSA in Explorer debacle

    There's still fallout landing from the Firestone-tire-crashing-Explorer episode. Maryland-based Quality Control Systems Corporation has sued NHTSA in an attempt to gain access to any reports Ford made to the agency regarding injuries and deaths from tire-related incidents. This latest action, under ...

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    VIDEO: Corvair to Nader: Kiss my unsafe quarter panel!

    YouTube serves up another cool video. Corvairs are hella cool, and they were tarred and feathered out of existence by zealots. They were no worse than other cars on the road at the time, but they were picked up as all that was wrong with motoring safety by Ralph Nader. Cars in in the late '50s when ...

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    NHTSA pursuing tougher crash standards

    Getting a five-star crash test rating will get a whole lot tougher with a new proposal from the Bush Administration that would put into effect a requirement for side-impact testing.Grade inflation is one of the reasons behind the change, and with 87% of all vehicles earning a four- or five-star ...

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    Ford bolstering roofs of some models in wake of lawsuits

    When a vehicle rolls over, one of the critical components in assuring the safety of its occupants is the roof structure and its ability to protect, not injure its occupants. On the heels of nearly $250-million dollars in judgments relating to injuries caused in rollover accidents, Ford Motor ...

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    GM plans to equip all models with rollover air bags

    Although rollovers only make up three percent of crashes in the US, they account for over a quarter of all traffic fatalities. General Motors is in the process of investing over $10 million to study the effects of rollover crashes and while doing so, has made a pledge to outfit all their vehicles ...

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    Audi Q7 gets five stars

    The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently completed testing of Audi's newest 'ute and awarded the Q7 five-stars, the highest rating possible, for both front and side crashes. The tests also gave the Q7 a four-star rating for rollover avoidance.Once again, standard ...


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