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    Video: Google Maps great for viewing aerial chases

    Google Earth car chase – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    If you can count the number of hours you spent blowing up pixilated cars in the very first Grand Theft Auto by the tens, the video after the jump will probably strike a chord. The genius souls over at Honest Directors ...

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    VIDEO: Audi R8 puts angels in danger in Midnight Club: LA

    Midnight Club: LA is on its way, and the developers at Rockstar Games just released a new video of an Audi R8 doing its thing through the concrete jungle. The name of the game: arcade. Or better names might be 'free-for-all' and 'pedestrians, watch out!' It's cut like an MTV video, so it's hard to ...

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    Coming to a console near you: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    Way back in nineties, this particular blogger had to get rid of his PlayStation because he was spending far too many nights on GranTurismo. Something about knocking a tenth of a second off our best time in the Mazda Demio was as addictive as air. Last Friday we spent an hour in front of the ...

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    Midnight Club: Los Angeles first video game to feature Challenger and Camaro

    Click above for high-res gallery of Midnight Club: Los AngelesRockstar Games is a little busy right now ahead of its big release of Grand Theft Auto IV, but the video game developer had enough time to announce that the next installment of its Midnight Club racing series will land on the Xbox 360 ...

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    Grand Theft Auto gone wussy in Coke ad

    Some of us here at Autoblog have always felt a connection with Grand Theft Auto. Maybe it has to do with our daily efforts to wreak automotive havoc on the digital world or our deep-down secret desires to be bad-ass pimp... but certainly NOT pimping Coca-Cola. Such efforts are for polar bears ...


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