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Because simply adding more static armor just isn't an option.

The Army wants tank operators to be able to remotely shuffle armor around their tank in response to threats.

Ambulances, law enforcement officers and several emergency responders rushed to a property in southwest Missouri Monday afternoon upon receiving a report of a possible plane crash.

A team is hoping to complete Evel Knievel's failed Snake River Canyon jump in a rocket based on the original design. A recently released short documentary provides a peek into the preparation for the endeavor.

Bravo to François Gissy for continuing to reach truly ridiculous velocities on his rocket-powered bicycle. The amazing Frenchman recently hung on for a series of runs at Circuit Paul Ricard where he bashed through his old record and showed a Ferrari who was boss.

Frenchman François Gissy has laid claim to a new land speed record using a rocket-powered bicycle. Yes, you read that right. A rocket-powered bicycle. Gissy and his bicycle managed to hit a mind-boggling 163 miles per hour (263 kilometers per hour) over a vacant stretch of highway in Munchhouse, France over the weekend.

When does a bike stop being a bike? Apparently, not when a rocket is propelling it to a land speed world record. French cyclist François Gissy used hydrogen peroxide to propel himself to 163 miles per hour along an open stretch of road in Munchhouse, France, setting a new world speed record in the rocket-powered bicycle category, according to road.cc.

We've been told there was a time when critics of the automobile warned against the dangers of high-speed driving. At the lofty speed of 35 miles per hour, they said, the air could very well be sucked right out of your lungs, leaving you to die of asphyxiation as you careened along at the edge of sanity.

It was the urban legend to top them all, the one every car guy wants to be true: Dude straps a jet engine to his Impala and goes for the ride of his life, which, of course, ends with his death.

Welcome to TRANSLOGIC World Report: Your weekly roundup of transportation tech news from around the web.

Talk about odd hauling. The team over at PickupTrucks.com put together a rather interesting comparision: 2011 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty diesel vs. Delta IV Heavy rocket. One is capable of crusing down the highway with a gross combined weight rating (vehicle, passengers and trailer) of 25,400 pounds. The other is easily capable of lifting that entire load into geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above our planet.

Coke Zero and Mentos-powered car – Click above to watch the video after the break

Coke Zero and Mentos-powered car – Click above to watch the video after the break

Back in the early 1900s, Fritz von Opel, grandson of Opel founder Adam Opel, was enamored with rocket propulsion. As the company's director of testing and the man in charge publicity, Opel had quite an outlet to fulfill his rocket-powered fantasies. Hence, the 1928 Opel Motoclub you see above.

Motorcycle Rocket Launcher - Click above to watch the video after the jump

Mythbusters make us smile - click above to watch the video

Gordon Murray has had his hands in a number of impressive projects over the years. Be it Formula one or the McLaren F1, if Murray is involved, you know it's going to light, balanced and fast.

These engineers at Brabus sure are tough guys to please. Apparently, the top speed record they set at Nardo with the Brabus Rocket wasn't good enough. Some of you may recall that back in June, we reported that the Rocket maxed out at 362.4 km/h (225.18 mph) on a top speed attempt at the Italian track. That was good enough to snare the uber-CLS the lofty title of "Fastest Sedan in the World."

Last summer Brabus built an E-Class sedan powered by a biturbo V12 that captured the honor of being called the World's Fastest Sedan by reaching a velocity of 218 mph. Brabus has just broken its own record using the Brabus Rocket, which we first met in Frankfurt last year. The Rocket is based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS and is also propelled by a biturbo V12 producing 730 hp, which was enough to power the big Benz to an incredible top speed of 225.19 mph. The Rocket was also able to snap off a 0-60

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