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    Video: Watch a rocket-powered bicycle set a new land speed record

    Frenchman François Gissy has laid claim to a new land speed record using a rocket-powered bicycle. Yes, you read that right. A rocket-powered bicycle. Gissy and his bicycle managed to hit a mind-boggling 163 miles per hour (263 kilometers per hour) over a vacant stretch of highway in ...

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    Red Tires and Rockets: 1928 Opel Motoclub is awesomely insane

    Back in the early 1900s, Fritz von Opel, grandson of Opel founder Adam Opel, was enamored with rocket propulsion. As the company's director of testing and the man in charge publicity, Opel had quite an outlet to fulfill his rocket-powered fantasies. Hence, the 1928 Opel Motoclub you see ...


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