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    Exclusive: Volkswagen seriously considering Amarok pickup for Canada

    Full-size pickups continue to rule the sales roost in North America, and there frankly hasn't been much action in the small and midsize segment to generate new interest. Ford finally put its Ranger out to pasture, the Ram Dakota is gone and a Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon replacement has a ways ...

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    Less Than Robust: Volkswagen releases new Saveiro ute in South America

    2010 Volkswagen Saveiro – Click above for image gallery
    While we patiently await the release of Volkswagen's Robust pickup truck on this side of the equator, our upside-down neighbors to the south have received a VW pickup of their own. Called the Saveiro, the truck seen above is made in ...

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    Volkswagen to debut four new models in Frankfurt?

    Germany only gets its own top-tier international auto show every other year, with the Frankfurt Motor Show alternating with the Paris salon. So when the circus rolls into town, you can bet Germany's giant auto industry will embrace the opportunity to reveal their latest. Audi's tipped to unveil its ...

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    VIDEO: VW Pickup concept to the rescue!

    Click above for a hi-res gallery. Follow the jump for the vid.
    If automaker-produced kitesurfer-in-distress videos are your thing, VW's got your back. While you wait for the production version of the Concept Pickup the automaker unveiled back in September, how about checking out VW's promo film ...

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    Volkswagen pickup concept to debut next week

    Pickup truck sales have tanked here in the States, but in emerging markets, affordable haulers are still in demand. VW has announced that those markets would get a sneak peak at the concept version of its upcoming pickup truck offering at next week's Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany. ...

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    Spy Shots: VW "Robust" pickup

    The Volkswagen pickup codenamed "Robust" has been caught testing again, this time in the U.S. They aren't too different from these spy shots, both sets showing that VW is not going for any kind of flash with its newest pickup. At one point, the regular cab version was speculated to have buttresses, ...

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    Spy Shots: 2010 Volkswagen Robust pickup caught wearing its own sheetmetal

    Click above for high-res gallery of 2010 VW Robust spy shotsUntil now, spy shots of Volkswagen's upcoming pickup showed only a mule wearing the body of a Toyota Hilux pickup. These are the first shots that we've seen of the truck, internally called the Robust, wearing its own skin. This version is ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Volkswagen Robust pickup

    We've seen the spy shots and we've heard the rumors, and now has sketched up its own interpretation of the 2010 Volkswagen "Robust" pickup truck. While the name is still unconfirmed, the pickup's front fascia is kind of a no-brainer. Expect VW to port over its corporate mug, ...


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