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    Cyberdyne Systems Toyota reportedly working on robots to look after the elderly

    We have an announcement to make: the Robot Apocalypse is not on its way. The Robot Apocalypse has officially begun. Toyota is working on a plethora of robots that will assist in caring for the elderly. Home health care is massively expensive and time consuming, and if the task were pawned off on ...

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    Bored auto factory worker + assembly robot = new amusement park ride

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    Despite being told this video was shot in a Ford factory, we're not exactly sure which company claims ownership of the reassigned assembly line robot. Whoever owns the building, they might be surprised to learn what their employees have been doing on their ...

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    The return of full-service? Gas pumping robot

    Dutch inventors might have ushered in the return of the full-service station. Yet like so many other things being taken out of the hands of flesh and blood people, the new full-service could be an all-robot affair. The robot -- called the Tankpitstop robot -- is affixed to the bowser, and if it ...

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    Honda's ASIMO goes to Disneyland

    ASIMO, Honda's increasingly uncanny humanoid robot, has finally impressed enough Hollywood producers to get his own show. The running, walking, talking, stair-climbing Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility (aka ASIMO) takes the stage at Honda's ASIMO Theater in the Tomorrowland section of ...

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    Toyota's tour-guide robot seeks peace... and total surrender of mankind

    Click image to enlarge var digg_url = ''; Not content with its ever-tightening grip on the global auto industry, Toyota has expanded its goals and embarked on a quest to create a new droid army with ...

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    Holden drops 600 workers from Commodore assembly plant

    Looks like the sometimes-suicidally-prone manufacturing robots at General Motors are taking jobs away from some real people. The Australian is reporting that up to 600 Holden employees will be getting their pink slips in the company's Elizabeth plant in South Australia. The Elizabeth plant is where ...

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    NYC trying its luck with first robotic parking garage

    Robotic parking garages haven't caught on in the U.S. like they have in other developed countries. Perhaps that's because we're not as strapped for open space as other nations, or maybe its because the only robotic parking garage in the U.S. has dropped both a Cadillac Deville and a Jeep several ...


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