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robonaut 2

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    Official: GM shows off robotic glove for use in vehicle assembly [w/video]

    Robots have been a part of every automaker's manufacturing arsenal for three decades now, but that doesn't make this latest effort at improving plant automation any less cool. While most factory robots are neither humanoid nor particularly interesting, the only thing more exciting than this ...

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    Video: Robonaut creepily unpacked onboard International Space Station

    Robonaut 2, NASA's C-3PO lookalike, is the first humanoid robot in space, and it began duty a few days ago as a member of the Expedition 27 crew. The General Motors/NASA joint venture project went to space packed in boxes instead of a space suit, and was unpacked and assembled by flight ...

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    NASA to send R2 droid robot co-developed with GM to space station

    General Motors R2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've got an unnatural fear of human-like robots, it's time to look away. It turns out that Chrysler isn't the only manufacturer getting cozy with NASA these days. General Motors just announced its new robot co-developed with ...

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    GM teaming up with NASA to build robots. Suck it, Asimo [w/video]

    Robonaut 2 by GM and NASA – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Phase three of the robot invasion has begun. Not content to let Honda and Toyota have all the fun, General Motors has gotten into the robot game as well. Working with NASA – all of these planetary takeovers involve ...


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