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    Video: Duroflash LED road flares look spiffy but spendy

    Duroflash safety LEDs – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Don't want to dirty your hands again on traditional flares? Looking for the Rolls-Royce of roadside safety lighting? Duroflares could be it. The unit is roughly four-inch-square of aluminum with an LED tinted red or blue, are ...

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    Mini debuts first roadside assistance app for iPhones [w/VIDEO]

    OnStar is soooo 2007. Rather than building some kind of old school cell phone telematics system into its cars, Mini is going the hip, modern route for roadside assistance. Mini USA has collaborated with insurance company Allstate to create an Apple iPhone app (also available for some GPS-equipped ...

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    Dunhill kit comes through stylishly in a pinch

    Responsible drivers usually keep the same few things in their trunk in case of an emergency: a set of jumper cables, a flashlight and some road flares. (What, you don't?) The trouble is, for the style-conscious motorist, that the cardboard box or egg crate in which this emergency equipment is held ...


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