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roadside assistance

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    Toyota, Scion adds two-year free scheduled maintenance on all models

    Toyota knows better than most the value of customer satisfaction and confidence in one's products. Having suffered a series of blows to its image with all of the recalls and safety issues that emerged regarding its vehicles recently, the automaker has responded by launching a complimentary ...

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    BMW introduces smartphone app for roadside assistance

    BMW Roadside Assistance smartphone app – Click above for image gallery
    When it comes to the side of the road, let's just say you're not looking to get more familiar with it. Being stuck there is bad enough; being stuck there in a luxury car might be considered even worse. BMW wants to take ...

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    Ferrari offers 24-month Certified Pre-Owned warranty

    A couple of years back, Ferrari was widely rumored to be working on an "entry-level" model to slot in below the F430 (since replaced by the 458 Italia). The result was the California. And all the while they were working on it – with test mules lapping Fiorano like an F1 driver recovering ...

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    Hyundai extends and expands Assurance program for 2010

    Hyundai won several awards for its 2009 marketing efforts, in large part on the basis of its Hyundai Assurance program. The program began as a way to get reluctant customers back into showrooms to at least consider buying a new car in spite of the fact that many people were justifiably terrified ...

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    Mini debuts first roadside assistance app for iPhones [w/VIDEO]

    OnStar is soooo 2007. Rather than building some kind of old school cell phone telematics system into its cars, Mini is going the hip, modern route for roadside assistance. Mini USA has collaborated with insurance company Allstate to create an Apple iPhone app (also available for some GPS-equipped ...

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    Ferrari announces free roadside assistance for all out-of-warranty cars

    Most of us love Ferraris, but let's face it – until about the past decade, the machines from Maranello weren't exactly renowned for great long-term reliability. Buying an older Ferrari (or Lamborghini, Maserati or just about any other Italian exotic for that matter) has always been something ...

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    Volvo's new Safe + Sound Coverage Plan covers everything but the kitchen sink

    Lost in the bevy of numbers that is the Autoblog monthly sales report is the fact that Volvo just isn't selling very many cars in the U.S. any more. The Swedish automaker only sold 5577 units in May, and the downward trend started way before the automotive market hit the crapper. Given the sad ...

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    OnStar over? Hack it.

    As we all know, GM's OnStar service in analog-only cars -- those pre-2004 -- will end in a few months. Based on the comments we've seen, there are quite a few owners who are miffed that there's no upgrade or retrofit available. For you, Popular Science has posted the instructions on how to hack ...

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    Ford tacks on another two years to powertrain warranties

    Ford Motor Company is sweetening its warranty with an extra two years of powertrain coverage for its 2007 vehicles, Automotive News reports. The deal that covers all Ford and Mercury brand vehicles supplements the three-year, 36,000 bumper-to-bumper with a five-year, 60,000 mile powertrain ...

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    BMW's Michelin run-flats draw criticism... from Michelin

    The Michelin run-flat tires fitted to certain BMW products are too heavy, degrade the vehicle's ride, and increase fuel consumption. So says Didier Miraton, who heads up the French tiremaker's Michelin Technology Center. Miraton has an ulterior motive, of course. He wants to push his employer's ...


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